Gay Nazarenes

By Dr. Peter Jones / July 3, 2024 / Comments Off on Gay Nazarenes

We are now obliged to hallow an entire month of Gay Pride celebrations of homosexual practice. Nude men and drag queens parade through our cities, while children look on. Children attending parades used to climb on the fire engines or walk next to a police officer. Now the police are obliged to march in step…

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Director’s Dicta: June 2024, Supplement

By Dr. Jeffery Ventrella / June 19, 2024 / Comments Off on Director’s Dicta: June 2024, Supplement

Acknowledging Friendly Push-back:  Doug Wilson My colleague, Joshua Gielow, hosts the weekly TxC Podcast.  There, he and I (and occasional other guests) conversationally explore – sans footnotes – issues and input from our readers.  This is a rich time of iron sharpening iron.  Last week’s Dicta generated a lot of social media inquiry and at points, push-back.  Doug Wilson, someone…

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No Love Without Truth

By Mary Weller / May 3, 2024 / Comments Off on No Love Without Truth

Social Transition and Pronoun Hospitality I was surprised when a mother began to cry as we discussed our truthXchange booklet, Letter to a Friend: Transgenderism and Kids. To my relief, her tears were not because the text had offended her. Rather, she was overwhelmed with thanks to read a Christian resource that encourages parents to…

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A Queer Book

By Dr. Peter Jones / April 3, 2024 / Comments Off on A Queer Book

“The Queering of the American Child: How a New School Religious Cult Poisons the Minds and Bodies of Normal Kids”by Logan Lancing and James Lindsay A Definition of Queer Theory I looked forward to reading this book’s definition of Queer Theory (QT) and its effects on our children. (QT refers to “queer homosexuals” and LGBTQ…

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By Dr. Peter Jones / February 13, 2024 / Comments Off on “OPEN HOMO SEX IN THE CAPITOL: NO ONE IS SCANDALIZED

“Democrat Staffer Who Filmed Himself Having Sex in the Capitol Won’t Be Charged.” So reads the headline reporting a video posted by the above-mentioned staffer which showed for the first time ever a nearly naked man on all fours inside the Capitol office building. The video wasn’t just nude posing either. The male staffer and…

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“The Meaning of Non-Binary Sexuality”

By Dr. Peter Jones / January 19, 2024 / Comments Off on “The Meaning of Non-Binary Sexuality”

A Personal Introductory Word In 2003, I felt constrained to leave seminary teaching in order to help churches and Christian individuals to understand what was going on in the culture and where such ideas would lead. Twenty years later, I still feel the urgency. truthXchange has recently expanded our reach by planning for the Irenaeus Institute, a…

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What’s next for truthXchange?

By Dr. Jeffery Ventrella / December 5, 2023 / Comments Off on What’s next for truthXchange?

Get ready for tXc 2.0. God’s truth never changes, but how His people apply it does, and now is the time to accelerate.  Why?  The Apostle Paul warns us about people who are zealous without knowledge (Rom 10:3). Yet there are people, and we all know them, who collect knowledge for its own sake, never…

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The Marxist Origin of Wokism:

By Dr. Peter Jones / November 16, 2023 / Comments Off on The Marxist Origin of Wokism:

The Hideous Face of Revolution I am picking up a subject about which I have already written in an article entitled “Wokism: The New Pagan Morality.”[1] We now live in an increasingly post-Christian society. Interestingly, 56% of American voters deemed the term “woke” to be positive, associated with being informed and educated, while just 39% deemed…

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Is This Our Soon Coming Future?

By Joshua Gielow / September 10, 2021 / Comments Off on Is This Our Soon Coming Future?

Now is the time to ask what our Christian response must be to a dangerous political program that seeks to the divide culture and may well end up in far more physical violence than we have yet seen. May God grant us wisdom to face such a possible cultural future, not in order to produce a “Christian nation” but out of respect for God and for those made in his image.

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Voddie Baucham and the Dangers of Critical Race Theory

By Joshua Gielow / June 3, 2021 / Comments Off on Voddie Baucham and the Dangers of Critical Race Theory

A Book Review of Fault Lines  (Salem books, 2021)  On the much debated subject of racism, an evangelical/reformed black American theologian (who now lives in Africa) inspires confidence, since he sees “social justice” from many sides. He proposes a balanced view of a divisive issue in his recent book, Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming…

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