Director’s Dicta: June 2024, Supplement

Acknowledging Friendly Push-back:  Doug Wilson My colleague, Joshua Gielow, hosts the weekly TxC Podcast.  There, he and I (and occasional other guests) conversationally explore – sans footnotes – issues and input from our readers.  This is a rich time of iron sharpening iron.  Last week’s Dicta generated a lot of social media inquiry and at points, push-back.  Doug Wilson, someone…

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What’s next for truthXchange?

silhouette photography of person

Get ready for tXc 2.0. God’s truth never changes, but how His people apply it does, and now is the time to accelerate.  Why?  The Apostle Paul warns us about people who are zealous without knowledge (Rom 10:3). Yet there are people, and we all know them, who collect knowledge for its own sake, never…

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