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    truthXchange equips and empowers churches to communicate the gospel effectively and lovingly to a culture that has lost the crucial distinction between worshiping creation and worshiping the Triune Creator and Redeemer.

    Our Purpose

    For God’s glory, truthXchange exists to equip the Christian community in general and its leaders in particular to recognize and effectively respond to the rising tide of neopaganism.

    Our Passion

    truthXchange desires to be a global communication center that broadcasts a gospel-driven worldview response to pagan spirituality as well as recruiting, equipping, and mobilizing a network of fearless Christian leaders.

    Our Plans

    To train a new generation of scholars and leaders to understand and inform the Church of the challenge of global paganism.

    • To understand the richness of the Christian gospel and the Bible’s worldview in light of the postmodern pagan option.
    • To instruct members of Christ’s Church around the world about the implications of living in and witnessing to a pagan world.
    • To give the next generation of Christians an understanding of the counter-cultural character of the Christian worldview. Though the paganized culture in which they were born claims to be just and normative, it dismisses Christianity as “traditionalism.” The Christian/pagan antithesis is timeless.
    • To engage in “antithesis” apologetics, or, as the Apostle Paul says, to clarify the Truth by understanding and explaining the Lie. We show the antithetical, mutually-exclusive relationship between all-inclusive pagan Oneism (monism) and biblical Twoism (theism).