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  • In 2024, there are huge plans afoot for truthXchange!  We are implementing our vision to answer the clear and consistent desire by churches and individual Christians for more of our materials. 

    Your gift will help us respond to the countless requests we’ve received in the following ways:

    • We have hired a Director of the truthXchange Fellowship – our beloved and accomplished Dr. Jeffery J. Ventrella, who has served as Chairman of our Board for many years.
    • We are building a broader team of experts in their fields who embrace the biblical hermeneutic of Romans 1:25 – to provide an increased volume of resources for churches, students, teachers and Christians eager to make a difference in the culture.
    • After several years of streaming our symposium, truthXchange will hold its 2024 Symposium with a live audience in the heart of Pasadena, CA, where we will be graciously hosted by Providence Christian College.
    • truthXchange will produce five more Letters to a Friend, giving Christians simple and friendly resources to help them think and talk through difficult topics with friends from a biblical perspective.
    • truthXchange will once again produce a regular cultural apologetics podcast. 
    • truthXchange will begin to develop the Irenaeus Institute: an annual, invitation-only intensive, in person training that will equip young and rising Christians to engage the culture at multiple touchpoints in their various fields with the solid foundation of the truthXchange hermeneutic. 

    Would you please prayerfully consider financially partnering with truthXchange in support of this important and timely work we believe God has called us to do?  We are so thankful and encouraged by the generous support of friends like you.