Dr. Jeffery Ventrella becomes the new Director and Chair of the truthXchange Fellowship

The truthXchange Board of Directors is pleased to announce Dr. Jeffery J. Ventrella as Chair and Director of the truthXchange Fellowship.  Dr. Ventrella will develop our truthXchange Fellows and Senior Fellows while working to expand the vision and mission of the ministry through the development of the Irenaeus Institute.

Get ready for tXc 2.0.  God’s truth never changes, but how His people apply it does, and now is the time to accelerate. Why?


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Director’s Dicta: I AM a Body; I HAVE a Body; or am I EMBODIED?

February 26, 2024
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Lies that Live– Part 3 By Dr. Jeffery J Ventrella…

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By Dr. Peter Jones | February 13, 2024

“Democrat Staffer Who Filmed Himself Having Sex in the Capitol Won’t Be Charged.” So reads the headline reporting a video posted by the above-mentioned staffer which showed for the first time ever a nearly naked man on all fours inside the Capitol office building. The video wasn’t just nude posing either. The male staffer and his boyfriend filmed themselves engaging…

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Whose Rainbow? God’s gift of sexuality: A Divine Calling


The very different meanings of the rainbow symbol in our world reflect a fundamental worldview divide. Understanding how our view of homosexuality is linked to our view of spirituality and to our view of God will help us see the deep theological implications for Christians as they seek to minister to homosexual, lesbian and gender-confused neighbours and friends.

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