The Dreadful Loneliness of Life Without Scripture

by Dr. Peter Jones on March 5, 2015

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One clear implication from Bell’s interpretation is that there is no place in inspired Scripture for singleness or celibacy, and that Jesus himself doubtless would have done better, speaking of “love,” “commitment” and sacrifice” with a companion to do the work he came to do. Moreover, Jesus was surely wrong in what he taught about the value of singleness (Matthew 19:11-12).

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Millennials: A Lost Generation?

by truthXchange on February 24, 2015


Dr. Peter Jones addresses the generation that is on so many minds: Millennials. This is a massive topic discussed across social media, on numerous blogs, in top news outlets, and even in several major books published in recent years. Join Dr. Jones as he addresses the culture of Millennials using the oneism/twoism hermeneutic to analyze [...]

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The Cosmology of Killing—Part 3

by Dr. Joe Boot on December 31, 2014

The womb is thus the creator’s studio for sculpting the future. The Lord of life ordains life – that is the cosmology of the Bible. We worship and serve the creator when we honour God and his will (not ours) and serve his purpose for all creation. It is only when we have considered the womb as the mercy of God that we can begin to appreciate the full evil of abortion. Nothing sets forth that mercy more powerfully than the virgin birth and the reality of the incarnation.

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The Cosmology of Killing— Part II

by Dr. Joe Boot on December 23, 2014

We can be thankful this Christmas that King Herod’s gruesome plan for mass infanticide missed the manger, his state-sanctioned killers coming too late, Joseph having been warned by an angel in a dream to flee Bethlehem. Would that we, as God’s messengers, would warn our culture of death to flee this murderous madness.

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The Cosmology of Killing

by Dr. Joe Boot on December 18, 2014

In a time when the ethical standards of Christianity are increasingly rejected, objections to the immorality of this scourge upon our culture are typically seen as mere moralising – the outdated values of social or political conservatives; little more than background noise. As such, Christian morality is often seen as judgmental, self-righteous, or even an expression of hatred. In such a context we need to re-learn to understand our faith and make our case as the early apologists did amongst the pagans – cosmologically, not simply pragmatically. Cosmology simply refers to order or structure. It is the way in which we look at and understand the order of our world. It considers the big picture of reality and the implications which flow from it. The one who ordered all reality, who called it into existence, hallowed the womb by his incarnation, and the implications which flow from this fact are profound indeed.

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The Millennial generation is the first in Western history to receive the full force of a neopagan worldview. Public policy, civic values, school programs, higher education, medicine, law and other areas are affected by a “rationalization of evil.” These new cultural expressions of unbelief are assaulting Millennials, who deserve a robust analysis of them as [...]

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Liberal “Christianity” Reveals Its Soul and Bares Its Fangs

by Dr. Peter Jones on November 18, 2014


When B. B. Warfield was asked ‘What is Christianity?’ he replied, “unembarrassed supernaturalism.” In our current confusing situation, we Christians must renew our commitment to a clear, courageous and unembarrassed statement of the Truth…

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Conversations with Small Creatures

by Mary Eady on October 14, 2014


One day on the walk home from school my son’s 7-year-old buddy said, “Miss Mary — WHY do people call animals ‘creatures’? I just think that’s so rude. I think it’s mean to animals to call them creatures.” I wasn’t quite sure where this thought had come from. Up until that point the boys had been chatting about antics on the playground and a fort they were building in the bushes behind our condo. But he was intense with his delivery and I had a sense that somehow this topic mattered.

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You Don’t Need a Second Chance

by Pam Frost on September 30, 2014

Crashed airplane upside down in a field

In Twoism, we understand that God is not the God of second chances; He’s the God of Substitutionary Atonement. We do not need more chances to finally get it right. Jesus was right from all eternity, and in His incarnation He lived the perfect life we could never attain.

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Suffering for Jesus

by Dr. Peter Jones on September 23, 2014


Uncivil war has been declared on Christians who, in loving humility, have boldly addressed issues of sin in order to announce the cleansing power of the Gospel. As public vitriol heats up, “The Final Solution” for some could well be to treat Christians as insects that must be squashed. Certainly, believers must defend their civic and legal rights and seek the well-being of the public square. But we go forward in the strength of this divine promise, that in suffering for Jesus there is blessing, and beyond the cross there is unimaginable glory. In the meantime, we beg God’s mercy on his church and our culture and seek to love our neighbors and promote their ultimate good.

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