What’s next for truthXchange?

By Dr. Jeffery Ventrella

Get ready for tXc 2.0. God’s truth never changes, but how His people apply it does, and now is the time to accelerate.  Why?  The Apostle Paul warns us about people who are zealous without knowledge (Rom 10:3). Yet there are people, and we all know them, who collect knowledge for its own sake, never seeking to apply it to God’s world in God’s way for God’s glory.  Paul, when instructing the next generations’ leaders, cautions Timothy to “avoid the irreverent babble and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge.” Why? “[F]or by professing it some have swerved from the faith” (1 Tim 6:20-21).  People can be quite active and yet lack true knowledge. Consider X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Christian voice today is too often unclear, contradictory, confused, or simply false.  A lot is at stake: we must acquire and know real knowledge and then use it rightly.  This matters especially to and for the next generation, which was Paul’s concern for Timothy. 

The “tXc hermeneutic” – that is, understanding the fundamental Creator/Creature distinction and how mankind’s fundamental error is not evidential, but ethical in that he exchanges the Truth for the Lie – generates implications to all of reality and human experience.  Peter Jones’s  largely unheralded and quiet burden for decades has been to elucidate, expound, and engage these foundational truths as they inform our culture and the mission of God, connecting seemingly random dots in God’s overarching redemptive tapestry: What’s happening; Why it’s happening and How the True and Living God of Truth is redeeming it to His glory and for the comfort of His people.  

The truthXchange Fellowship exists to accelerate that vision tangibly, and to apply and disperse Peter’s teaching omni-directionally.  Because the truthXchange hermeneutic, fondly called the “truthXchange binary,” is foundational, it necessarily informs all of reality, including every human endeavor.  This means that Christ’s Lordship, creational and redemptive, matters to every human endeavor.  The Fellowship’s mission will leverage Dr. Jones’ work by identifying and cultivating scholars, as well as developing and forming the next generation through the rigorous Irenaeus Institute – as Paul directed us to do, equipping them to articulate and apply this key truth and its implications to every endeavor: Theology, Missions, Apologetics, Church Life, Family, Culture, Education, Philosophy, Sexuality, Law, Politics, Economics, Creation Stewardship, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, Science, Business, Medicine, Health Care, Public Service, Civic Service, et al. 

Once trained by truthXchange, these scholars, students, and Fellows will be transformed, and that’s good news, because transformed people transform culture.  In a time of irreverent babble, contradiction, and pseudo-knowledge, God’s people need a bugle that sounds so distinctly that they will be ready for the battle (1 Cor 14:8): the truth v. the lie; the light v. the darkness, knowing that in Christ, “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it” (Jn 1:5).  Stay tuned as the tXc Binary builds a brass choir to sound and signal the beginning of a greater symphonic impact for God’s glory!

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