Bridging the Gap: Making the Match

by Joshua Gielow on September 8, 2014

bridging the gap WEB

Over 10 years ago, Dr. Peter Jones launched truthXchange to strengthen believers understanding of their Christian worldview in a culture seduced by the lie. Just as it was in the days of St. Irenaeus, oneist heresies have crept into the church and are becoming an influence and driving force in the culture today. Today, truthXchange [...]

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Two-ism Antropology and Transhumanism

by Joshua Gielow on July 12, 2012

Two-ism Anthropology and Transhumanism

Two-ism Anthropology and Transhumanism

We face today a growing monistic spirituality developing around belief in evolution as cosmic agency, progress as historical destiny, and post human as deification.  Evolution having produced us, and through us technology is now ready for it’s next move:  To leave behind the step ladder of biology and to move up spiritually by technological means. [...]

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Two-ism and Apologetics with Dr. Matt Jensen

by Joshua Gielow on July 10, 2012

Dr. Matt Jensen

“The Gospel is the victory by which the world is overcome!” Dr. Matt Jensen shares on the power of apologetic work from a two-ist perspective, and that the key is not smooth arguments, or knowing the right answers on the hot topic questions. But the key in apologetic work is the assurance of believers that [...]

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Dennis Johnson

Feel the shock of the infinite divide of the Creator and His creation.  But then look at the scandal of the incarnation, the mystery of the incarnation, and the beautiful purpose of the incarnation. Dr. Dennis Johnson helped us at the Think Tank 2012 to consider the amazing reality and implications of the incarnation. Thou [...]

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Two-ism in Art and Literature by Steve Baarendse

by Joshua Gielow on June 28, 2012


Andrew Peterson has a song that begins, “So you’re sitting at the movies. You’re watching how the story finds a way. And you’ve seen it all before, but still you love to see the hero save the day. It’s a window in the world, a little glimpse of all the goodness getting through. And all [...]

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“When we talk about the missional life, we are going to have to understand that mission is always cross-cultural. All of us have a culture we come from, and culture is not an a-moral thing. There are elements of every culture that are bad and there are parts of every culture that are good. There are things in most cultures that are worthy of redeeming. To live missionally we are necessarily going to have to learn to live cross culturally. To do this effectively it’s going to take huge doses of grace and humility mixed with boldness in the gospel. We are taking the gospel that exists in a ‘Two-ist worldview’ and attempting to communicate it in a culture that largely has a ‘One-ist worldview’.”

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Peter Jones speaking at 2012 Think Tank

“There is nothing like the Biblical Gospel in all of history: the transcendent Lord above, bearing our sins on the Earth below, bestowing merit on undeserving sinners. –This Two-ist doctrine of God is the jewel of our historic Christian faith. Without it, Christianity becomes one more form of sentimental One-ism.” With this profound, beautiful statement, Dr. Jones opened the 2012 truthXchange Think Tank, “The Beauty of Two”. It rocked us when we heard it that first night and it is our hope that it rocks you wonderfully as you listen to it now. Reality is Two, and Two-ism is beautiful.

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Exchange the Lie for the Truth

by truthXchange on February 10, 2012

Peter Jones speaking about truthXchange

“truthXchange seeks to reach the world with the truth of the gospel by helping the church teach Christians to understand that there are really only two religions: One-ism or Two-ism. Romans 1:25 says that ‘they exchanged the truth of God for the lie and worshiped creation rather than the Creator.’ One truth, one lie. Two-ism, [...]

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Mark Driscoll speaks on One-ism and Two-ism in Pastoral Care, Counseling and Ministry

What does an understanding of One-ism and Two-ism look like in Pastoral Care? This talk looks at some of the practical ways in which this can be used to minister to those around us. Pastor Mark presents this message using 5 simple steps for approach and application.

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Sexuality in a One-ist World

by Mary Eady on August 30, 2011

Dr. Jones speaks on Sexuality in a One-ist World

Sexuality is one of the most serious issues about which Christians need to speak today. However, many Christians feel pressured toward silence, indifference, acquiescence or anger when asked to respond. How do we speak in a way that is respectful and gospel centered when it comes to sexuality? Dr. Jones shares how the Biblical worldview [...]

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