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    November 28, 2017

    If “Black Friday” is all about getting, “Giving Tuesday” is all about–giving. In a ministry like ours we get lots of satisfaction from giving. We give people a deep but simple understanding of life and the gospel in a confusing neo-pagan culture. To honor God we must remember that the Creator and the creation cannot be confused, even though, in a mysterious way, they are connected in a personal relationship through the life and death of Jesus. That is the greatest of all gifts.

    Every day we are called to give others this deep wisdom of Twoism, both in the US and abroad. We were blessed this year to be able to take this message:

    • In January to theological students in Yucatan, Mexico and to graduate students in Westminster, California;
    • In February and May to the church in South Korea;
    • In August-November to pastors in Iowa, Mexico, Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania;
    • And every day through out the year to those who received our podcasts, articles, videos and other materials or who attended a church seminar.

    This message is wonderfully simplifying and liberating. Many of you are also givers to and supporters of our passionate calling because you have seen the importance of honoring God this way.

    So please let this “Giving Tuesday” be a reminder that your giving keeps us going–to keep on giving!