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Gender Books

Thousands of our nation’s students now have access to books that use the power of beautiful art and imaginative stories to re-educate kids against creational norms, Biblical Twoism, and truths about sex and gender. This time on the truthXchange podcast, Mary Weller and Joshua Gielow read several books being distributed for free in schools across the country for…

The Pagan Agenda

Join us today for part 5 of this classic teaching series from Dr. Peter Jones. A Historical Perspective on Paganism surveys early Greek Western culture migrating to the East and syncretizing with many of the religions and gods and goddesses. This is crucial in understanding what makes the historical Christian faith stand apart from all the other…

Gender and the Gospel: The Beauty of Distinction in a Culture of Confusion

This presentation compares the lesser-known realities of “gender transition journeys” and trans-activism with the biblical and scientific reality of who we are as essentially gendered people. This conflict of ideas affects our young. How and why should believers speak truth in love about this sensitive and emotional topic?

Paganism: All Religions Are One?

Join us today for part 4 of this classic teaching series from Dr. Peter Jones. The Pagan Agenda is wrapped up in obliteration of distinctions specifically the Creator and creation and of male and female. This audio series was recorded in 1998.

Thaddeus Williams: First Things First: Evangelism in the Age of Social Justice

It has become trendy to identify social justice as a “Gospel issue,” or even as “the heart of the Gospel.” If we do not rally behind this or that social justice cause we are told we suffer from an incomplete or truncated Gospel. How can we contend for the faith once for all entrusted to…

Describing Paganism

Do not forget that the fundamental contrast has always been, is still, and will be until the end: Christianity and Paganism, the idols or the living God.–Abraham Kuyper Join us today for part 3 of this classic teaching series from Dr. Peter Jones. We’ll examine the classic definitions and descriptions of paganism, as well as…

Racism—A Failure of Faith, Hope, and Love

Mark Robinson: Racism—A Failure of Faith, Hope, and Love. Simply put, racism is a form of partiality that falls short of the law of neighbor love. As such, it is an ancient sin that doesn’t require new modern categories to understand and address but a continual, fresh recognition that our commonality and solidarity is grounded…

Three Rejections of the 60s

What are the three rejections of the 60s, and how did they contribute to what the Church faces today? Three Rejections of the 60s is part two of a 9 part series. The audio was recorded in 1998. There are a couple of moments where there is some distortion spots that lasts for 15 seconds.…

The Social Justice Religion

Jon Harris traces the history of social justice derivatives and how they parallel an Augustinian construction of confession, conversion, and a liturgy of praise and penance. It will also examine how social-justice-driven political movements have syncretized with Christianity and other religions. The main case study will be the Black Lives Matter movement. The conclusion will…

What is Religious Paganism?

This audio series was recorded in 1998. Join us over the next few weeks as Dr. Peter Jones explores a revival of paganism in American culture. Dr. Jones will tackle various points of paganism, the historical perspective of paganism and trace the history of how Christian America “switched religions.” The accompanying music was a production…

National Disunion and Faithful Politics: A Way Forward

This presentation reveals the roots of the religious impulses underlying today’s disorder and chaos, and then demonstrates that an orthodox Christian confession supplies the foundation necessary for a public justice that protects and promotes human flourishing for all—that is, faithful politics. The State of Our Dis-Union series of lecture can be found here. The video…

Globalism and the Emergent Technocracy

Dr. Joe Boot introduces the current face of globalism, tracing its philosophical origins back to the Tower of Babel and forward throughout the history of human thought and civilization. He contrasts this with an exposition of the biblical teaching on nationalism and distinct, sovereign states. You can view this lecture from the series here. You can…

The Great Awokening

In the 1730s America experienced the Great Awakening, a revival in which thousands were convicted of sin, changed their lives, and influenced their society. A Great Awokening is now transforming social institutions and shaping future generations by convicting millions of their racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. This Woke ideology has entered schools, the workplace, our…

Live Not By Lies

The truthXchange team discuss Rod Dreher’s “Live Not By Lies”, empathy vs sympathy and patriarchy.

Identification, Please

The truthXchange podcast is back! Join Joshua, Stephen and Mary as they discuss the Equality Act, our ideas about identity, a dust-up at Calvin College over hate speech, and recent headlines about high-profile conversions to Christianity. We had way too much to talk about with too little time. We hope you enjoy this information packed…

Facing 2021 with Prayer and Faith

P. Andrew Sandlin joins the podcast to discuss the roles of faith and prayer in the life of the believer. Whether you’re facing stress from lockdown restrictions, fear of the viruses, or uncertainty about newly elected officials. This podcast will encourage and stir your faith.

Culture, Covid-19, and the Evan Runner Academy

Dr. Joe Boot joins the truthXchange podcast with Ryan Eras, to discuss the latest over at the Evan Runner Academy, the impact of covid-19, and the importance of cultivating Christian culture. For more resources, visit us For more information on the Evan Runner Academy, visit

Global Issues: The State of Our Disunion

Globalism and the Great Reset have cosmic implications that affect more issues than the economy and climate change. Ms. Pamela Frost joins the podcast to discuss this neo-tower of Babel.

The State of our Disunion: Social Justice

Dr. Thaddeus Williams joins the podcast to discuss social justice, the gospel, and the tensions facing the Church today. Is social justice a Trojan horse that the Church has welcomed into her walls or a Biblical command for the Church?

State of Spirituality in the Church

Jon Harris and Stephen Chavura join the truthXchange podcast to discuss spirituality of the church and problems on the horizon attacking her unity and mission.

Racism in the Church and in the culture

Rev. Mark Robinson joins the truthXchange Podcast, ep 26- The State of Our Disunion: Racism and Social Justice.

Law and Public Policy

Dr. Jeffery Ventrella joins the TruthXchange Podcast to discuss law and public policy all through the lens of oneism and twoism. In the U.S., voting day is just around the corner, and American Christian are wrestling over the question, “How then Shall we Vote?”

Sexuality by God’s Design

Mary Weller comes back on the truthXchange Podcast to discuss how twoism affects the way we think about sexuality and gender roles in culture.

Pro-Life and Climate Change

Senior Teaching Fellow and Founder/Spokesman for Cornwall Alliance, Dr. Cal Beisner joins the truthXchange Podcast. We discussed ethical issues with voting for Pro-Choice candidates, the end of the world, and the science and the consensus of scientists on climate change.