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    February 13, 2013
    Darwinian Evolution: A Significant Inspiration for Contemporary Oneist Utopianism?- Dr. John West
    Eschatological Sodom- Dr. Michael Brown
    A Twoist Model For Helping Your Utopian Neighbors- Dr. Thaddeus Williams
    Faith Witness in Tough Times- Dr. Peter Jones
    God’s Final Eu-Topia- Dr. Dennis Johnson
    Human Flourishing and Social Justice- Rev. Ted Hamilton
    The Coming Geo-political Multicultural and Interfaith Utopia- Mrs. Janet Mefferd
    The Ecological Utopia: The Earth Charter and Global Oneist Power- Dr. E. Cal Beisner
    The Oneist Utopia Always a Dystopian Nightmare- Dr. Joe Boot
    The Present Oneist Revival of Utopian Thinking- Dr. Peter Jones
    Eastern Spiritual Visions of Utopian Oneism- Mrs. Pam Frost