Mary Weller: Stealing Candy from Babies: Trans-Activism, Gender, and Kids

What movements are at work to reshape sexual identity in public policy, schools, and in the home? Mary Weller gives insight into the workings of various movements, and frames a biblical worldview so that Christians can respond to them.


Monday Emilio Ramos: The Metaverse and Personhood (12pm EST) Mary Weller: Stealing Candy From Babies: Trans-Activism, Gender, and Kids (9pm EST) Tuesday Andrea Williams: Law and Personhood (12pm EST) Samuel Sey: Intersectionality and Identity (9pm EST) Wednesday Carl Teichrib: The Rising Global Spirituality and the Search for Personhood (12pm EST) Pamela Frost: Stolen Identity: The Enneagram (9pm EST) Thursday Eowyn Stoddard: The Stolen…

The Dawkins Diet

Recently, Dr. Richard Dawkins, the world famous evolutionary biologist and militant atheist, in response to a video and article on “clean meat” tweeted the following: Before we focus on the Dawkin’s words, we should step back and better understand exactly what clean meat is. Rightly or wrong, clean meat proponents would argue that our farming…

Suffering for Jesus

Uncivil war has been declared on Christians who, in loving humility, have boldly addressed issues of sin in order to announce the cleansing power of the Gospel. As public vitriol heats up, “The Final Solution” for some could well be to treat Christians as insects that must be squashed. Certainly, believers must defend their civic and legal rights and seek the well-being of the public square. But we go forward in the strength of this divine promise, that in suffering for Jesus there is blessing, and beyond the cross there is unimaginable glory. In the meantime, we beg God’s mercy on his church and our culture and seek to love our neighbors and promote their ultimate good.

Reincarnated or R.I.P.?

In an article by the Pew Research Center I read a statistic that popped right off the screen at me: 22% of Christians believe in Reincarnation. What?  Christians??  It’s a little hard to believe at first, but it’s true. Think about that for a minute.  Say you’re sitting in a mainline church of 500 people. …

Let the Little Ones Come to Me! — Social Justice Gone Awry

Christians cannot dig wells in Africa without telling thirsty sinners of the wells of salvation. They cannot speak of blessings without speaking also of the curse of human evil. Children must hear the difference between the Lie and the Truth in order to place their trust in Jesus as their only Savior, and we must obey the Savior’s command: “Let the little ones come to me.”

Laying Down the Law on Yoga Mats and Marriage

The god of gay marriage and yoga is not the transcendent personal Creator of Scripture, but the divine self within, who creates its own reality and the laws to go with it. So, losing the God of Scripture is not merely a religious event. It means we lose the objective source of law.

Scotus Scotches the Scriptures

On June 26, 2013, the highest authority in the land declared the constitutionality of homosexuality as a value to be defended and promoted in modern day America. For the first time, the Supreme Court declared that the federal government may not discriminate against same-sex couples whose marriage is recognized by a state. In the case…


Jungian spirituality has seduced the masses. Jung’s personal practice of occultism and sexual freedom, presented as a “scientific” method, gave vast authority to the subconscious. People today justify all kinds of pagan spiritualities and sexual fantasies in the name of self-expression and spiritual health. Not the Bible but my subconscious “tells me so.” This corresponds with the Sixties Jungian mantra, “If it moves, fondle it, if it feels good, just do it.” This last phrase became a Nike commercial!

Cultural Warts or Faithful Servants?

Why is Christianity so unpopular now?... The younger Christian generation faces the enormous danger of allowing the culture to throw out our baby with their “baggage.”

IO 90: No “Next big thing”?—Bad conclusion!

“Salvation is not…escaping some dreadful fate of judgment…at the hands of a wrathful God; rather, it is being saved to ourselves.” She leaves no place for the cross or the atonement.

IO 89: May 09, 2012: The Official End of Christendom?

May 9th 2012 is in many ways the final “sacralization” of the Sixties, where behind the pretext of the Golden Rule, the “revolution” fraudulently covers its unrestrained libido in the white robes of bridal purity.

IO 87: Chrislam for Human Flourishing?

Cherry picking elements from the message of Jesus for political purposes is both an act of theological vandalism and a false, unloving promise of “security.”

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism and Politics (Calvin Beisner)

Speaker: Calvin Beisner (Founder and Spokesman, The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation) Session: Two-ism and Politics I want to discuss why Two-ism is incompatible with a one-world government. Distinctions: global government/transnationalism vs. internationalism: John O’Sullivan: “… to sign a treaty with clearly defined obligations to other nationts is ot exercise sovereignty, whereas to sign a…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog Session: Two-ism and the Law (Jeff Ventrella)

Speaker: Jeff Ventrella (Alliance Defense Fund) Session: Two-ism and the Law My talk is on the beauty of two as it pertains to law. It’s important to first recognize and remember that there is a Creator-creature disctinction – the notion that there is a transcendent and personal God. There are only two worldviews and both are deeply…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism and Sexuality (Dannah Gresh)

Speaker: Dannah Gresh (founder, Grace Prep) Session: Two-ism and Sexuality I am concerned with our view of sexuality in the church. The problem Let’s begin with women. Marilyn Monroe rose to the status of sex symbol at the age of 30, and she could not afford the worship ascribed to her. It destroyed her. In…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism and Apologetics (Matt Jenson)

Speaker: Matt Jenson (professor, Biola University) Session: Two-ism and Apologetics Evangelicals battle against postmodernism and other “cultural enemies”. I wonder if we are neglecting to say what the gospel is. Surely, the gospel is able to survive. The gospel is really, really good news. The gospel, like Jesus, is expansive. It should be explained in…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism in Art and Literature (Steve Baarandse)

Speaker: Steve Baarandse (professor of English and Humantities, Columbia International University) Session: Two-ism in Art and Literature Huxley’s Brave New World foresaw our technology-driven world. J. Gresham Machen said the same thing: “The improvement appears in the physical conditions of life, but in the spiritual realm there is a corresponding loss. The loss is clearest, perhaps,…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism and the Missional Life (David Fandey)

Speaker: Dave Fandey (lead pastor, Fields Church) Session: Two-ism and the Mission Life The missional life is cross-cultural by its very nature. Culture is not amoral, and we need to understand the elements of our culture in order to understand the culture that we are trying to reach. Mission involves the horizontal nature of the…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism and the Doctrine of Scripture (Ardel Caneday)

Speaker: Ardel Caneday (professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, Northwestern College) Session: Two-ism and the Doctrine of Revelation My objective is to show you how Scripture presupposes a worldview that is contrary to all of the world’s other worldviews. My mission is not to critique how competing worldviews against Scripture, but rather it is…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism and the Incarnation (Dennis Johnson)

Speaker: Dennis Johnson (professor of practical theology, Westminster Seminary CA) Session: Two-ism and the Incarnation The opening of John’s gospel: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made… And the Word…

Think Tank 2012 Live-Blog: Two-ism and the Doctrine of God (Peter Jones)

Speaker: Dr. Peter Jones (Executive Director, truthXchange) Title: Two-ism and the Doctrine of God I have much to say about this doctrine (the doctrine of Two-ism). Why this conference on the beauty of two? The message of “One and Two” attempts to explain Romans 1:25, which outlines two options of worship: Worship of Creator (Two-ism)…