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  • The Director’s Bag: Episode 3

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    May 24, 2024

    Christian Nationalism, Gender in Eternity, and IVF.

    Welcome to the TruthXchange Podcast: This is a weekly program with Dr Jeffery J Ventrella where he answers questions from subscribers around the globe, addressing issues about worldview, cultural apologetics, and other miscellaneous items. I am your host Joshua Gielow, and this is another edition of the director’s bag.

    Abigail from Kentucky- 5 years old

    Mr. Ventrella, when I go to heaven will I still be a girl?

    Gary from California writes- Re: “Lies that Live” – Part 4 Embryos, IVF, and Means/Ends Confusion

    While reading the article, it struck me that the arguments you cited that are used to justify IVF mortality are essentially the same ones used to justify elective abortion.  When pro-life Christians (or non-Christians) argue against the justifications for abortion but then accept the identical justifications for IVF, they completely neutralize their argument and testimony.  

    Wilson from South Carolina writes-

    Dr. Ventrella, You wrote “How then should Christians conceptualize the State in a way which dispels the lies we live?  Has the Lord instructed us in such things?  Indeed, because Christ is Lord, His divine power has in fact “granted us all things that pertain to life and godliness.”[19]  This includes life and godliness in the public square including a theology of the State.” Much of the New Testament seems to have an understanding that the Kingdom of God is not of this world and that we are pilgrims passing through, but here in the dicta you seem to imply that we should be involved, even to take the nation for God. How does this not lead to a type of Christian Nationalism? Is Christian Nationalism bad?