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  • The Director’s Bag: Episode 4

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    May 31, 2024

    Hey! Who Gave You Power?

    Welcome to the TruthXchange Podcast: This is a weekly program with Dr Jeffery J Ventrella where he answers questions from subscribers around the globe, addressing issues about worldview, cultural apologetics, and other miscellaneous items. I am your host Joshua Gielow, and this is another edition of the director’s bag.

    In this episode, Dr. Jeffery Ventrella addresses questions concerning: God as the Ultimate evil in a CRT worldview, Christian obedience to the tyrannical power, and how Caesar should rule?

    “Dear Jeff, I have been reflecting on your series of dictas on CRT, and it occurred to me that if Christians make use of CRT as a tool in understanding worldview, would not that also apply to God, especially since we believe that He is God almighty? As the ultimate source of power, wouldn’t that make him evil, or is that a straw man understanding of CRT?”

    “Dear Dr. Ventrella, in your recent dicta, you call the State a servant and minister to the Lord. If I am not mistaken, that is also how scripture refers to the government in Romans 13, and maybe other places as well. What are your thoughts on how Christians are to respond to tyrannical governments today, and could those same thoughts and rules be applied to Christians in the first couple of centuries?”

    “I don’t see in scripture anywhere a command for how the government is to operate. You mentioned they are servants, where is the manual  for Nero or Titus on how to operate?”