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  • IO 83: Witch Way?

    You cannot make this up! On Saturday mornings, just after “Thru the Bible,” listeners to AM 740 KBRT Christian radio in Southern California can tune in to “Christian” nutritionist Dr. Bob Marshall, who learned from the  “ancients” how to use natural medicine to channel the life force and remove the “blocks” in the body so life can flow, which is what yoga claims to accomplish. Staying tuned, listeners can then catch “Straight Talk on Health,” with Marshall’s colleague, Dr. Vincent Medici. Dr. Medici is a graduate of the Shiatsu Massage School of California, specializing in Chi (energy) or Prana (life force), and recommends yoga. He is planning to open off-shore temples constructed in accordance with sacred geometry, to help people develop their spirituality.

    Part of his KBRT program for California dreamin’ Evangelicals includes interviews with “health and energy” worker, Elyce Monet. Of Dr. Medici, Ms. Monet unctuously observes: Dr. Medici…believes in me and my work as an energy worker and healer. We need more like him! 

    If Dr. Medici’s relation to Christian radio is problematic, that of Elyce Monet is even more so. A long time “Senior Executive Broadcast Consultant” for Salem Communications Christian radio stations, Monet presents herself as a “heart healer,” licensed by both the “Association of Christian Spiritual Healers,” and by the “Spiritual Healers Licensing Board (Shamanic Work).” You read this correctly: juxtaposed are the adjectives “Christian” and “shamanic.” Monet reassures us that her “Master Teacher is Jesus,” helping her to “bring greater love, balance and harmony into the world…to help people… to love themselves and to experience living the life of their dreams.” She admits that “Jesus” has company and that she does not want to be stuck in a “Christian box,” so her “spiritual-based workshops” are “inspired by the timeless wisdom teachings” from many “Masters,” including the wisdom of the Hopi Indians, gained through “connection to the earth” and long sweat lodges. She claims to “evoke [whatever that verb actually means] the creative energies of Shekinah, the Feminine Divine (known in other cultures as Kwan Yin, Shakti, Isis, Mother Mary and Sophia)…to guide participants on integrating the As Above, So Below energies that bridge physical and etheric realities.”

    Let’s unpack what these references mean.

    Shekinah—the feminine presence of God—a major theme in Kabbalah, a Jewish pagan mysticism, which Monet practices via guided meditations with angels and masters, especially with Metatron, the highest angel in Kabbalah, sometimes called “Prince of the world”!

    Kwan Yin—the Chinese Goddess of compassion

    Shakti—the Hindu Goddess restoring balance, associated with yoga

    Isis—the Egyptian Goddess of magic and the underworld; Monet describes a miraculous encounter in the Great Pyramid at Giza in which she claims to have gained insight into the Egyptian understanding of time travel (see “etheric”).  Also known specifically as the goddess of witchcraft.

    Mother Mary—sometimes associated with the ascended masters of Theosophy

    Sophia—one the favorite goddesses of modern witchcraft

    “etheric realities”— also found as “etheric” in Theosophy, referring to the astral, higher body, which can travel outside the physical body, and is observable by clairvoyance; This notion is also found in Hinduism and Kabbala.

    “As Above, So Below”—a phrase from the beginning of the hermetic Emerald Tablet, one of most revered ancient magical documents in Western occultism, made popular recently by the book, The Secret. The phrase itself is found throughout the entire system of traditional and modern magic, and is especially evident in occultic Theosophy. It is both a magical formula and an expression of the essence of human rebellion. The “macro-cosmos” (all invisible things above) is the same as the “micro-cosmos” (all visible things below). The universe is the same as God, and God is the same as man. This empowering, healing magic joins “God” with human consciousness, and the two become one. This is a classic expression of spiritual One-ism.

    The Emblem of the Theosophical Society

    The Emblem of the Theosophical Society

    Thanks to our dictionary, we can now see clearly what Dr. Medici believes when Monet says she partners as a regular guest with him on KBR(IGH)T for “Ultimate Healing.”

    Apparently, her beliefs are not yet clear to some of her not-so-theologically-bright Christian radio listeners. As G. K. Chesterton famously said, tweaked for our time: “When Evangelicals stop believing in Scripture, creeds and doctrine, they don’t believe in nothing; they believe in anything” (even the occultic lie that you will be as God, if you worship Nature).

    A word to my Christian readers in the heartland: Do not think that the spiritual beliefs described above are unique to West coast fruits and nuts. As California goes, so goes the nation. Check the “Christian” radio station near you! Never has it been more urgent to declare to our often “creed-less” churches the truth of Genesis 1:1 and the Apostles’ Creed’s “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.”

    PS If you’d like to see ways in which this spirituality affects cultures, you may wish to read Global Wizardry: Techniques of Pagan Spirituality and a Christian Response–see details on

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