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  • Welcome to the truthXchange blog!

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    September 9, 2008

    Greetings from the Idiot Saint and welcome to the new truthXchange blog.  I am one of a few regular writers who will be posting to this site.

    Before I go any further under this name, please let me explain:  Taking verbal abuse from Dr. Jones is not part of my job description.  When truthXchange first posted the position I was later hired for, Dr. Jones exclaimed, “Whoever takes this job is either an idiot or a saint!”  I laughed when I heard what he’d said, and then very quickly turned it into my unofficial job title, a silly joke for my new, delightful, incredibly educated colleagues.

    And so, as the Idiot Saint, let me explain a little about who I hope to be to you:

    When I first learned of Dr. Jones’ work it was because, on a business trip to San Francisco, I was handed a copy of Dan Brown’s book “The DaVinci Code” by a co-worker who exclaimed over the fun read it had turned out to be.  As I took the book from her she tagged onto her description, “Well, and it made me think of you because you’re a Christian and there are all these new facts that he works into the story about the Church and about who Jesus really was…it’s amazing!”  Indeed, it was “amazing” to read and, slightly shaken but certain that there had to be some answers for me somewhere, I went looking for insight.  It was then that my father recommended that I read “Cracking DaVinci’s Code” by Dr. Jones and James Garlow.  With relief, joy and new insight I plowed through the book cover-to-cover and at the end came away with the beginnings of an important awakening about the context in which we, as Christians, practice our faith.

    Perhaps, like me, you are a Christian who has begun to feel the disconnect between what you believe and read in the Bible and what you see broadcast at you from all sides about what “spirituality” really should be.  Or perhaps, as a pastor or a scholar, you need an insight into the confusion and struggles of those in your churches who are living in a culture inundated by the New Age, “alternative” spiritualities, and the insistence that all faiths are equal and all lead to the same God.

    Well, here I am – or perhaps given my chosen moniker I should amend that to say, “Here I IS.”  As I work here at truthXchange I have had the opportunity and blessing to be thrust into an environment where I can’t help but learn from the men and women around me as they seek to turn spirituality inside out.  As I learn I will be posting here to all of you.  It is my hope and prayer as I write that each of you will find it helpful to have insights into the mind of the resident Idiot Saint.