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  • The Victory of the Pagan Cosmology
  • The Victory of the Pagan Cosmology

    With the French vote for same sex marriage yesterday, one more incremental time the Oneist (pagan) cosmology takes over the West. It was lost years ago, through the attacks of secular humanism and the unleashing of heterosexual license, so this is just the mopping-up period, the final dotting of the “i”s via the constitutionalization of sodomy. Civil unions do not do it. Homosexuality must be recognized with the mantle of total equality–for the “common good.” Ideologically nothing else will suffice, for homosexuality is the ultimate expression of pagan spirituality, as leading homosexuals admit. They affirm that this sexual expression is the perfectly embodied statement of Oneist spirituality. Gay theorist, Toby Johnson, states:

    …gay attraction to and development of emotional relationships with members of our same sex results in our seeing the world with the harmonious, non-dualistic vision that is the traditional goal of mystical religion. Gay consciousness is “pre-Edenic,” fundamentally innocent, free of “original sin” [a notion that, in turn], generates the dualistic belief in good and evil. The real message of religion is not about God but about how human beings should live harmoniously and non-judgmentally in order to participate in and further the evolution of Earth (Gaia) into collective self-awareness and transcendent consciousness (God).

    This period of legalization will be followed by the institutionalization and normalization of the victory, both by extending the implications to all manner of “loves,” and by the aggressive silencing all opposition, for a peaceful, unified world–built, alas, on the putrefaction of the sinful human heart, that will eventually choke on its own vomit! Our culture will be “given over” to its sinful choices, as Paul says in Romans 1:24, without any “Gospel restraint,” but it is not the final word. Because God gave over his Son to bear the sin of the world as a sacrificial victim, He will return as Lord and Judge of the earth to set all things right.