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  • The State of Our Dis-Union Join Us Online, April 5-10:
  • The State of Our Dis-Union Join Us Online, April 5-10:

    8 Speakers. 8 Key topics.

    Distress.  Division. Conflict. Strife. 

    All of these are words that brothers and sisters in Christ are using to describe the tensions in their churches.

    Bigots.  Racists. Homophobes.  Transphobes.   Science deniers.  Fascists.

    These are the labels that have been thrown at Christians in the divide that has risen to the forefront of our culture.  

    How does the church respond?  How do we address the issues of culture, race, sexuality, ecology, economy, government, sin and the Gospel in a culture and church as divided as we are today?  Is Biblical truth hateful?  How do we speak the truth in love?  How do we promote peace in the pews and in our neighborhoods?

    Join truthxchange as we discuss how the Bible defines our view of God, ourselves and the issues we face.  

    “I will listen to what God the LORD will speak;

    For he will speak peace to His people, to his saints — 

    But let them not turn back to folly.”  

    The lectures will be posted daily here, and on YouTube as well as on Facebook.

    • Mary Weller: Gender and the Gospel: The Beauty of Distinction in a Culture of Confusion
    • Peter Jones: Neomarxism
    • Stephen Chavura: The Great Awokening
    • Jon Harris: The Social Justice Religion
    • Joe Boot: Globalism and the Emergent Technocracy
    • Jeff Ventrella: National Disunion and Faithful Politics: A Way Forward
    • Thaddeus Williams: First Things First: Evangelism in the Age of Social Justice
    • Mark Robinson: Racism—A Failure of Faith, Hope, and Love