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  • The State of Our Dis-Union: Day One
  • The State of Our Dis-Union: Day One

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    April 5, 2021

    Stephen Chavura: The Great Awokening
    In the 1730s America experienced the Great Awakening, a revival in which thousands were convicted of sin, changed their lives, and influenced their society. A Great Awokening is now transforming social institutions and shaping future generations by convicting millions of their racism, homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. This Woke ideology has entered schools, the workplace, our language, the media, and government. Where has it come from? How do we recognize it? What should be the church’s response? Though genuine social problems exist, woke solutions only increase social division and mental health issues among our young. Will the Church resist the pressure and remain faithful to Scripture? If so, then the Great Awokening could be a precursor for another Great Awakening.

    Peter Jones: Neomarxism
    Neomarxism is a modern form of Oneism in its rejection of God the Creator and its inability to offer any hope of eternal life. This new form of Marxism sees social revolution not simply as the overthrow of economic justice for the impoverished worker, as the old Marxism did, but the overthrow of the whole of Western Christian culture, for the moral and sexual liberation of all human beings and the establishment, in its place, of a Marxist system of thinking and acting, which denies God and Christian morals.