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  • The State of Our Dis-Union: Day Five
  • The State of Our Dis-Union: Day Five

    Thaddeus Williams: First Things First: Evangelism in the Age of Social Justice
    It has become trendy to identify social justice as a “Gospel issue,” or even as “the heart of the Gospel.” If we do not rally behind this or that social justice cause we are told we suffer from an incomplete or truncated Gospel. How can we contend for the faith once for all entrusted to the saints in this cultural moment? How do we evangelize in the age of social justice?

    Mark Robinson: Racism—A Failure of Faith, Hope, and Love
    Simply put, racism is a form of partiality that falls short of the law of neighbor love. As such, it is an ancient sin that doesn’t require new modern categories to understand and address but a continual, fresh recognition that our commonality and solidarity is grounded in realities (i.e. the image of God) that transcend humanly defined notions of race.