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    May 5, 2015


    Dear Friends,

    My long-time colleague, R. C. Sproul, said that “Christians [who] weep at the graveside of the culture,” must read my new book, The Other Worldview (May 2015) to understand why people are turning to an ancient spirituality that denies the Creator and the distinctions he put in the world.


    At truthXchange, we weep for a generation living on only the fumes of a Christian worldview. Deceived, they look inside themselves for spiritual strength to reconstruct themselves, especially in the areas of human sexuality in deliberate opposition to the Creator’s design.


    Since 1992, at truthXchange we have been documenting the rise of neo-pagan spirituality in once “Christian” America. We believe God has called us to strengthen the church’s understanding of these crucial issues and to establish a cohort of courageous young Christians able to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a worldview context that addresses the mind-set of many young people today.


    If you carry this burden, too, we invite you to consider helping us financially. We are delighted to announce a $36,000 FoundersMatching Grant that will double your gift, helping truthXchange to expand the effectiveness of our ministry in these increasingly difficult days. We thank you in advance.


    Donate today, and as our way of saying “Thank you,” we’ll send a free copy of  my lectures from our 2015 conference, Generational Lies and Timeless Truths: Answering Questions Millenials Are Asking.

    In His service, 

    Dr Peter Jones  peter_signature


    Dr. Peter Jones


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