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     The collapse of Evangelical pastors into the pro-homosexual agenda is becoming a tidal wave. Pastor Dave Thomson states that “many of us faith pastors [don’t all pastors have faith?] are and should be proud of Jason Collin’s bravery and commend him for his courage.” Collins, an NBA player, publicly announced his homosexuality last week. Christian leaders opposing this are, according to Thomson, “wreaking havoc in our churches’ pews, destroying families, and ultimately placing a banner of hate and hypocrisy over the front doors of our conservative faith churches.” An Assemblies of God pastor in Montana who has “been in ministry 27 years, a “born again, evangelical, charismatic, conservative, Republican Christian,” and his entire staff, now affirm God’s new pro-gay agenda.  (See article here.)


    What did we expect from theologically-illiterate “conservative faith pastors” for whom “experience” is the overriding criterion and who seem to have no clue about the Bible’s fundamental worldview that defines existence, what we at TruthXchange call Twoism? Indeed the homosexual issue exposes the incredible long-standing weakness at this level of the Evangelical movement, so that vast numbers of “born again” people will finally join the pagan movement without even knowing it is happening. Watch what will happen. Many Evangelicals, with “faith pastors” and “faith churches” will become 21st century liberals, preaching a watered down “faith” that goes easy on sin and eliminates the Fall. On the other hand, biblical orthodoxy that defends the Creator/creature distinction and all the other God-created holy distinctions (such as male and female) and preaches a Gospel of both grace and repentance, will be dismissed as a bizarre periphery of “hateful” hard-liners. That, of course, is the perfect scenario for persecution. A small-enough marginal group, easily treated as troublers of multicultural social peace, can then function as convenient scapegoats when things begin to implode–as they certainly will.


    This makes our think tank subject of next year most significant and timely–“Christian Witness in the Midst of the Pagan Utopia: How do We Speak the Truth in the Land of the Lie?”