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    October 16-21, 2023 the TruthXchange Online Symposium will be available.

    Streaming starts at 11am PST

    Monday (10/16)
    Dr. Peter Jones
    The Non-Binary

    Dr. Thaddeus Williams
    Gospel and Social Justice: In That Order

    Tuesday (10/17)
    Dr. David Ayers

    Wednesday (10/18)
    Dr. Cal Beisner
    Climate Change

    Dr. Thaddeus Williams
    Thursday (10/19)
    Joshua Gielow
    Humanity is Two: Beginning and Ending with a Wedding

    Dr. Stephen Chavura

    Friday (10/20)
    Dr. Peter Jones
    The Superior Twoist Revelation of God: The Hope of Ultimate Meaning

    Dr. Jeff Ventrella
    Law and the Public Square

    Saturday (10/21)
    Panel Discussions