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    September 1, 2010

    Here are a few questions/comments I’ve received, and my answers to them, if anyone’s interested:

    Thank you for the clarity of the Biblical position you present.  Refreshing, as the media drivel from both sides is so tiresome.


    Thank you for your encouragement.

    I am trying to show that everything is related. The worship of creation is the worship of the creature, that is, the self, which many in our culture now practice. God as the Other has for some time been abandoned. Little wonder sexuality follows suit, sex with the same (homo), that is, with the self. The Gospel is the love for the unworthy other (hetero) by God the truly Other.

    Once a culture loses the real sense of the Other (that comes from God the transcendent Creator) and thus loses the very notion of altruism, concern for the other (from the latin, alter, other) we are in deep kimchi.

    And a Response from a reader of One or Two?

    We appreciate Peter’s book, One or Two, very much.

    My husband and I read and discuss the contents regularly because the information helps us discriminate the tentacles of paganism in our pasts. We experience deep gratitude to God. In His mercy He opened our eyes and ears to His Word that saved us. Now He increases our discernment and understanding; we see the deep cavernous, miry pits of paganism from which He rescued us. We were born into pagan, cult families, devoted to rebellion.

    Amazing to see God’s Power and Will to rescue and save. Now He heals, instructs and guides us into His Holiness, Righteousness, and Mercy!