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  • One-ism or Two-ism? Questions 5-7: The Truth
  • One-ism or Two-ism? Questions 5-7: The Truth

    5. How does God reveal truth?

    God reveals truth in two ways: by creating and by speaking. Theologians call these “natural” and “special” revelation.

    6. How does God reveal truth by creating?

    God is true, so he puts truth in everything he makes. We can learn ordinary truths about the way the world works just by looking around us. We can also learn truths about good and evil and even about God himself because of the way he has made our minds and the way he has made the world around us.

    7. What do we know about good and evil from creation?

    We all have a basic sense of right and wrong, which is supported by what we observe in the world around us. God’s basic moral law is available to everyone, even those who have not heard God’s laws as he explains them in his Word.