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  • One-ism or Two-ism? Questions 14-15: The Lie
  • One-ism or Two-ism? Questions 14-15: The Lie

    14.  How many lies are there?

    There are many different things that are not true. But when it comes to the identity and reality of God, the lies can be summed up as one big lie. That lie is pagan monism, or paganism for short.

    15.  What is paganism?

    We know from creation that God is the eternally powerful Creator who is separate from what he has made. Paganism denies this and says that the universe is all there is, and there is no Creator outside it.

    Paganism is not just the worship of tribal or nature gods, though that’s a historically common form of it. Paganism, broadly speaking, is the worship of creation—in whatever form—rather than the Creator. (Romans 1:25)

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