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  • One-ism or Two-ism? Question 20-22: The Lie
  • One-ism or Two-ism? Question 20-22: The Lie

    20.  How many truths do pagans say there are?

    Pagans generally hold that there is one basic truth or reality behind all the various versions of monism out there. There is a sort of universal religion with “many paths to God.” A monist can say, without any sense of contradicting himself, that reality is all one, yet at the same time that each of us can have our own truth. Each of our separate “truths” are different manifestations of the same cosmic and/or divine reality.

    The effect of this is to not, however, to take a stand for a central, absolute truth as Christianity does, but to reduce all truth claims to ultimate meaninglessness.

    21.  Is paganism completely separate from Christianity in its basic ideas?

    Paganism is completely opposed to Christianity, in the sense that the two views are fundamentally opposite and cannot be reconciled. There is a Creator outside of creation, or there is not; both cannot be true.

    22.  Is paganism completely separate from Christianity in practice?

    No pagan can completely deny the truth God has revealed in his world. No Christian can completely reject the lie while we are still sinners. So no one on either side is going to be completely consistent.

    Most pagans have some beliefs that come from Christianity. Many Christians have likewise absorbed some beliefs from paganism. You will have to keep this in mind as you study the differences and the fundamental opposition between them. We will see more specific examples later in the series.

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