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  • One-ism or Two-ism? Question 16: The Lie
  • One-ism or Two-ism? Question 16: The Lie

    16. Don’t other religions have creator gods?

    If you read a pagan creation myth—whether from Greece, or India, or the Middle East, or tribes in America or Africa or anywhere—the gods are beings that are already part of the world and just reshape matter that’s already there. The idea of a Creator outside the universe, distinct from it, is unique to theistic religions like Christianity.

    So if you worship a pagan god, you are worshiping a being that is more powerful than you, but still part of the universe just like you are.

    “When it comes to Islam or Judaism, you have a god of singularity, or a god that is totally transcendent, and in that sense bares no relationship to us and our world.  He is unknowable, a lone being for all of eternity.  The God of the Bible is personable because He is trinity.  He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit forever. So there is a personal relationship between the persons of the trinity irrespective of humanity and creation.” –  Dr. Peter Jones

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