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    April 4, 2013
     I have just finished my long essay on Romans 1, attempting to show with exegetical clarity that you cannot preach the Gospel without the Fall, and you cannot preach the Fall without including homosexuality. I had to deal with Jay Michaelson, God vs. Gay? (2011), who argues that all the modern values–wholeness, authenticity, honesty, integrity, inclusion, sexual diversity, unity, equality, mutual respect, self-fulfillment, personal mystical spirituality and, last but not least, love, but no personal God–demand full acceptance of homosexuality. Alas, he is right, and his arguments are irresistible to the modern mind. But there is a further agenda which he also wants to describe, namely, homosexual “spirituality,” which will save us all and save the planet. This he describes, though without using the term Oneist, as the “transcending of opposites or binaries,” which means in classic paganism, no Creator/creature distinction, no right and wrong, no male and female. Yikes! Oneism will become the new spiritual orthodoxy. brought to the modern world by the gay shamans. In that orthodoxy moral relativism is the norm;  there is no sin, so all acts can be justified if done with “authenticity” and we are all empowered by our inner divine self. Virginia Mollenkott has been saying this for years! Evangelical, non-judgmental social gospel that is silent on homosexuality will be lionized as an essential part of this new spirituality. The true Gospel will be judged unhelpful and eventually a hate crime, to be “lionized” in a different way.