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  • Monster Lies about Babies’ Lives

    Today’s cultural progressives believe they have cornered “the right [and moral] side of history,” leading to the global unity of all peoples. Ban Ki-moon, the UN General Secretary, says it clearly: “the United Nations is the hope and home of all humankind.” This same vision motivated the original “united” nations at Babel—“nothing that they propose to do will be impossible for them” (Gen 11:6). But the parallels go further. Like Babel, a tower/temple to join heaven and earth, contemporary progressivism, in its celebration of human unity and the autonomous self, hates any notion of God as the transcendent Creator and worships and serves creation (Rom 1:25). Inevitably, its utopian schemes are a form of pagan Oneism, one more expression of idolatry. It is therefore terminally and incurably flawed at its heart, for at its center, it is driven by what the Apostle Paul calls “the Lie.”
    Change the Language
    An agenda thus motivated can only succeed by hiding inconvenient truth behind a façade of hypocrisy, deliberate obfuscation and outright deceit. Take one example from North American culture. Once in a while, the cover of this God-denying agenda is blown, as we have recently seen in the exposé of Planned Parenthood’s scandalous trafficking in aborted baby-parts. We may not yet be at the stage of George Orwell’s 1984 totalitarian State, where “The Ministry of Peace” actually fostered war, but the work of Planned Parenthood [PP], dedicated to aborting babies, is inexplicably called “women’s healthcare.” The machine of defensive half-truths and untruths kicks into gear, with the astute use of moral-sounding language. Hillary Clinton accuses those who wish to end the harvesting and sale of baby parts of leading a “full-on assault on women’s health.” She represents Planned Parenthood as “quality, affordable, healthcare for women.” The “quality” is dubious; it is “affordable” only because taxes support the massive killing machine to the tune of half a billion dollars annually; and “healthcare for women,” though it may include a number of gynecological tests and services, essentially involves the murder of 330,000 babies each year, which stretches the term “euphemism” beyond comprehensible limits. Terms like “a woman’s right to choose” sound very moral (like the name “Planned Parenthood”), but a woman choosing to drive down the left side of a highway into on-coming traffic denies the right to life to unsuspecting drivers, just as abortion denies the right to life to unborn babies. The easy term “Free Sex” from the Sixties, created this abortion industry, but nothing is free. The price has been heavy—53 million aborted babies since 1973  —all for sexual freedom, the normalization of cruelty, and the loss of cultural virtue.
    Attack Anyone Who Questions
    PP’s extremist abortion policy would be illegal in 93% of the world, yet somehow it is the courageous journalists who are called “monsters” or “extremists.” Attorney General, Lorretta Lynch, has referred to investigating the videos in the most ambiguous language, leading many to wonder whether she will in fact be investigating the filmmakers rather than Planned Parenthood.  The “wise ones” in the US Senate calmly refuse to back any effort to defund the program; the President gives PP not only his, but God’s blessing; and mainline liberal denominations declare: “People who work for Planned Parenthood are doing God’s work. For this we are grateful.” Some are trying to avoid watching these videos, but their content shows just how calloused and evil PP is. They show the overtly criminal medical procedures that render second trimester infants “more intact” for trafficking: poisons are not used to kill the children in the womb, which provides many more usable parts to sell, but risks live births. The videos show a PP employee who, while sorting out the body parts of a dissected child, exclaims “another boy… here’s the heart… do people want to do stuff with the eyeballs?”  Another sees the financial bonanza: “My department contributes so much to the bottom line of our organization here…If we alter our process, and we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers, we can make it part of the budget.”  These videos have shown what so many in the past (as a matter of policy) have refused to show—images of mangled babies who have been murdered in the name of “women’s rights” and “health.”

    The bottom line of the global utopia is written in the blood of unborn babies. Can we trust such callous people with the creation of a just society? God has three modes of intervention. 1. disperse this evil coalition (as with Babel); 2. give them over to the consequences of their actions, which will lead at least some to repentance and a discovery of the Gospel, or, 3. come in final judgment. Let us call on the Creator of life to have mercy on our culture of death, and bring gracious forgiveness to many abortionists.