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    January 26, 2017

    On January 20th, 2017, TV viewers were shocked by the stark contrast between the pomp and grandeur of the Presidential inauguration and the angry, violent protests in the nearby streets. At its great civic moments, America calls on the law of God, seeks his blessing in prayer and asks its officials to swear on the Bible. In no other US inauguration ceremony was more honor given to the God of that Bible.

    More peaceful, but far more ideological were the huge feminist marches of January 21st. These were no mere political reaction to the macho braggadocio of Trump. In fact, those who said “Pence Sucks Too” about the mild-mannered Mike Pence, used language from their podium that was far worse than that attributed to Trump. The reasons go deeper and ultimately arise from the two opposing religious worldviews that currently divide America.

    The women’s marches brought nearly a half million to Washington, while 600 “sister marches” occurred around the world. Expressing opposition to Trump’s “attack on women,” and claiming to “march for the moral core of this nation,”, the protest was, in fact, a global “progressive” statement of Western rebellion against God the Creator and the divine structures he ordained for our spiritual and bodily benefit.

    Might it be fair to say that the main fear of those protesting was the possible loss of the right to abortion and to the utter control a woman supposedly has to create her own gender or sexual identity? Is the intention of the organizers to claim total sexual and cultural freedom?

    While they claim that “women’s rights are human rights,” the organizers refuse the rights of “pro-life” women to march with them, and deny the human rights of unborn women. They protest against men who want to express their sexual liberty, while affirming the rights of “sex workers” to march (“Girls want FUN-damental rights,” one banner proclaimed). I’m afraid some of the “Christian” women who joined the protests (e.g. ex-evangelical Rachel Held Evans) fail to understand the truly pagan roots of such a movement. In fact, even many who appreciate the inauguration’s civic theism do not realize that they are personally under God’s authority.

    The sacred place of abortion-“We will fight to protect reproductive rights” read a large banner-is a modern expression of ancient pagan Gnosticism. Behind the “correct” PC language, total amoral sexual freedom is today’s goal. Many of these “rights” are a rejection of normative creational sexuality, which is exactly what the Gnostics demanded. Rejecting childbirth, they exhorted believers to “flee maternity” [see Peter Jones, Stolen Identity, 93]. They worshiped the goddess who declares, demanding total moral freedom:

    I am the whore and the holy one…I am shame and boldness. [The Nag Hammadi Texts in English, see Stolen Identity 113-4].

    The common value in this kind of feminist support of pan-sexuality is the rejection of the notion that the Creator of the universe made us to be biological heterosexual beings (though they protest as women).

    Like their ancient Gnostic sisters, modern pro-abortion women reject God the Creator. A shocking example is the young woman who, on her Facebook page, posted a video of her abortion procedure. [See Al Mohler, “‘I Feel Super Great about Having an Abortion’ – The Culture of Death Goes Viral”.] She said: “I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby. I can make a life. I knew that what I was going to do [in killing it] was right, ’cause it was right for me and no one else.” Al Mohler comments:”This young woman grants to herself the [divine] power to ‘make a life.’ What she gives, she can destroy. [She] giveth, and [she] taketh away.” She has replaced God, and like her ancient sisters, has effectively “cast Jahweh into hell,” as the Gnostics said.

    We are facing a widespread revival of ancient Oneist paganism, which was violently opposed to God the Creator. The feminist protesters were crushed when they failed to gain unhindered political power in the recent election. But their disappointment has mobilized them.

    In February 2017 a follow-up event, the “Sister Giant” conference, will take place in Washington, DC. As I write, a thousand women have already registered. Extreme socialist politicians, Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders, will join with leading pagan spiritual gurus, Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston, and a liberal theologian, Derrick Harkins, vice-president at Union Theological Seminary, to celebrate “women rising,” via “an integrative, holistic approach to healing,” that is, paganism.

    Christian believer, will you use this cultural reprieve to preach the Twoist good news? In a certain sense, God the Son was indeed “cast into hell,” judged by his Father and suffering the punishment for our sins. But God the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, raised the body of Jesus from death. That God loves us and will also redeem the fallen physical creation.