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    March 1, 2013


    By Dr. Peter Jones

    Today I am being interviewed by CCEF (Christian Counseling Education Foundation) in Philadelphia, on the subject of MINDFULNESS.

    The gong sounds three times and people begin to focus their attention on a fixed point. A Buddhist temple scene? No. A seminar room at Google headquarters, or one at General Mills, or a gathering at Davos, the annual World Economic Forum in Switzerland, bringing together the world’s political, cultural and economic leaders. This is the latest attempt to get people in touch with their “true” selves.

    “Mindfulness” claims to sharpen the mind for sustained focus on the present, thus bringing clarity of thought for effective action. But this of course is but the threshold effect. The technique comes straight out of Buddhist spirituality and consists in silencing the conversation going on in the mind, what we have long called “conscience,” detaching people from maya, the illusion of the reality of the self and of physical reality and notions of  right and wrong.

    This is part of the massive invasion of Eastern spirituality into the once “Christian” West. Like yoga classes, mindfulness programs are now used extensively in schools, brain-washing the rising generation into adopting as normal the pagan belief that all is one and that distinctions like good and evil, male and female are no longer useful in the global culture of the future.

    If Christians do not wake up and get “mindful” of what is happening, in a few years we will be but a footnote of western history.