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  • Male and Female — Incomprehensible?
  • Male and Female — Incomprehensible?

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    August 13, 2012

    Male and Female — Incomprehensible?

    By Dr. Peter Jones

    Hakuna Matata, “don’t worry”: same-sex marriage will not harm ordinary marriage. But way back in 1970, the Gay Revolution Party Manifesto declared: “The gay revolution will produce a world in which all social and sensual relationships will be gay and in which homo- and heterosexuality will be incomprehensible terms.”

    In other words, the biblical terms for the sexual binary (male/female) will have become “incomprehensible.” Impossible, you may say, but forty-two years later:

    • a gender-neutral pronoun has been proposed for use in Sweden’s public schools;
    • “M” and “F” are disappearing from birth certificates and passport applications in Western countries, and;
    • “parent A” and “parent B” are replacing mother and father.

    While some Christians downplay the discussion of sexuality in order to survive more comfortably in today’s context, pagans, on the contrary, see its immense importance. In the twentieth century, Carl Jung stated: “Sexuality is the sine qua non of spirituality—one only exists through the other.”

    But not to worry, right? We will all be a one big happy spiritual family, whatever family means.

    The sharp contours of our future are coming into focus—a future inhospitable to Christian truth. The literature and language of the two-thousand-year-old “Christian” civilization, which assumed the normative male/female distinctions, will become homophobically unspeakable, culturally silenced and legally prohibited.

    Cultural leaders, in spite of all they have achieved, are even now being demeaned as worthless homophobes. Billy Graham (93), who filled Madison Square Garden with 20 thousand people every night for six weeks and preached in Yankee Stadium in 1957 to a crowd of 100,000 and who was a respected counselor to many of the world’s political leaders in the second half of the 20th century, is now vilified by same sex activist Wayne Besen, who calls Graham a “one-time anti-Semite,” a “fraud,” a “totalitarian preacher…trying to jam his own church’s rules and doctrine down my throat.” Graham’s crime? In an ad supporting heterosexual marriage in North Carolina, Graham merely said: “God’s definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.” Graham is now considered a dangerous homophobe to be insulted and silenced.

    But this sort of treatment is not limited to nonagenarians—Dan Cathy, 69, and COO of Chic-fil-A, was foolhardy enough to state his support for the biblical view of marriage, which sent homosexual activists into a frenzy and caused government officials in three major US cities to vow battles against Chic-fil-A’s right to open restaurants in their town. For the sake of a radical ideology, healthy successful businesses (and the much-needed jobs they create) must be sacrificed.

    Gays invited to the White House this summer (2012) by President Obama, took pictures of themselves as they sashayed down the hallowed halls, giving the finger to the portrait of one of the most revered presidents in history, Ronald Reagan. The past was trashed with hardly a thought while their futurist dreams of dancing with their same-sex partners at the White House were realized during President Obama’s Gay Pride reception.

    Hakuna Matata. Don’t worry, nothing will change—except the very Twoist creational and ethical foundations of a culture, once drenched in the principles of the Bible—except normal social relationships, which will be drastically altered to make room for people like Robert Lopez who grew up in a “genderless” gay household learning “few recognizable social cues…[for] how to act, how to speak, how to behave” in the outside world.

    The normal heterosexual world will be demeaned, sidelined and then condemned to silence. In California, SB 48 requires all public schools to include positive discussions of transgenderism, bisexuality, and homosexuality. For California school children, all other viewpoints are now silenced, so gender distinctions will indeed become “incomprehensible.” The same goes for the college campus. The Director of Religious Life at venerable Vanderbilt University declared, in the name of diversity, that traditional Christian views “are now forbidden.”

    Are we ready for Christian witness in a culture so hostile that it may cost us our livelihood and our freedom? Are we training our children to uncompromising boldness in the face of the intimidating lions of an all-is-one, gender-less pagan civilization? For Christians, this future will not be business as usual, but it will, by God’s grace, be a time of unusual spiritual revival, since we will have to learn to depend entirely upon Him. As Scripture says, Let those who suffer according to God’s will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good (1 Peter 4:19).

    But we need not suffer in silence. We put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:13ff), which includes wearing with honor and humility the badge of divinely created heterosexuality and its particular expression in marriage (Ephesians 5:32), because we know that Two-ism is the key to the cosmos and the essence of the Gospel of grace.