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    April 1, 2013

    Alas, Keller is right when he predicts, in a recent interview, that many evangelicals will continue to hold the view that same-sex marriage runs counter to their faith, even as they increasingly decide they either support or do not oppose making it the law of the land.”   We all waited with bated breath to hear what Keller, a trusted spokesman of Evangelicalism, believes the orthodox Christian position should be on this issue, in a day of great confusion, but, frustratingly, it never came. Hopefully, it will in due time, since the stakes are enormously high.

    The truth is that many evangelicals seem to be losing any theological criteria for making sense of the homosexuality issue. The ex-evangelical scholar, Pete Enns, thinks the present confusion is good thing. Under the deep influence of contemporary evolutionary theory, He wants us bravely to follow him in rejecting the Fall, the historicity of Adam and Eve, and finally the inerrancy of Scripture.  (Click here for resource…)

    It is almost predictable where Enns will end on same-sex marriage. But worse, his approach only leads to a complete undermining of the Gospel. Does such shaky scientific ground merit ditching the long tradition of Christian orthodoxy? It is a bit like “global warming.” Vast sums have been spent on unsuccessfully limiting C02 but for twenty years, and everyone now agrees, there has been no global warming. Oops!

    A brilliant molecular biologist has recently stated:

     “Adam and Eve have not been disproven by science, and those who claim otherwise are misrepresenting the scientific evidence.” [Ann Gauger, “The Science of Adam and Eve,” Science and Human Origins  (The Discovery Institute, Seattle, 2012), 121.]

    In the “new” theological paradigm there is nothing to believe in that will see us through death. What a scary world to live in—faith in the heroic trail-blazer Pete Enns, whose cutting-edge “faith” claims to know more than the original apostles.

    I am going with Paul, whatever the cost. He taught about the Fall and about the historical Adam, and knew the resurrected Christ and said: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation.” If there is any power in the world, it is here.