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    April 24, 2013

    We are being taken over by pseudo “christians,” wolves in sheep’s clothing, deliberately deceiving the nation, in cahoots with Islam, Planned Parenthood, the gay agenda, and various forms of collectivism, but attending church, even using Christian terminology when its suits them. It was delicious to see them in action last week; Bill Clinton, the philanderer-in chief, feted by a special reception to honor him with an “Advocate For Change Award,” by 5000 members of GLAAD (Gay and Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation), well deserved since there he was self-righteously advocating the change of the Defense Of Marriage Act that he himself had self-righteously authored; Obama refusing to go the Thatcher’s funeral but accepting to speak at the annual Planned Parenthood dinner, as the Gosnell monstrosity, which they favor, was being fully exposed. That Obama would consider fundraising for the nation’s biggest abortion business under the theme “Not In Her Shoes ” when the nation was being shown, in Gosnell’s clinic, glass beakers filled with baby feet that will never wear shoes, is beyond imagination, as is the silence of the moralizing Main Stream Media who utter not a word. Eventually, Obama pulled out, not for moral reasons but for realpolitik. Exposure to the fire in the kitchen–the truth–just got too hot. Such people, for their unashamed dishonesty and hypocrisy need to be exposed.