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  • Gospel Truth/Pagan Lies 2018 Symposium

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    September 13, 2018

    When you say “God,” what does your friend in class imagine? Worldview issues can get very complicated. Some who recognize that here are many different religions try to make things simple and say that though there are any ways to God or paths up the mountain of truth “from the top of the mountain everything looks the same, it is all the same god.” Finally they are saying that there is only one religion but with many different varieties.In a sense this is helpfully simplifying, but ultimately misleading. The Bible says there are two mountains. One mountain is made up by human beings imagining what God is like and building human paths to this humanly-imagined god—like the tower of Babel. The other mountain is the one where God exists above the heavens.

    From which he descends to seek us in redeeming love in his Son. Two mountains. Two gods. One false. The other true. Finally it is not complicated. Pagans say there is only one religion. Christians say there are only two, one based on the Lie, one based on the Truth. Christians need more and more to understand worldview because today we are asked to defend our beliefs, sometimes on pain of punishment or social ostracization. Come to the Symposium of truthXchange and leave with a worldview clarity you never had before.

    Gospel Truth/Pagan Lies to think these things through with five excellent speakers and with other Christians eager to make the Gospel of Jesus clear to their friends and neighbors. You’ll put on a new pair of worldview glasses and nothing will look the same again!

    Symposium, Oct 12-13, 2018 at Westminster Theological Seminary

    Friday Evening, October 12

    5:00- Registration

    6:00- Introductions and Singing

    6:20- Devotions and Prayer (Dustin Messer)

    6:50- Lecture 1: All Is One and One is All /One God, the Creator – Peter Jones

    Saturday, October 13

    7:00- Prayer Time – Pam Frost

    8:00- Welcome and Singing

    8:20- Devotions and Prayer (Joseph Torres)

    8:50- Lecture 2 All Humanity Is One / One in Christ Alone — Jeff Ventrella

    10:00- Break

    10:15- Lecture 3 All Religions Are One / One Truth  – Joe Boot

    11:30- Q&A

    12:00pm- Lunch

    1:30- Lecture 4 One Problem: Amnesia / One Problem: Death Through Sin – Andrew Sandlin

    2:30- Break

    2:45- Lecture 5 One Solution: Look Within / One Solution: Look to Him  – Pam Frost

    3:45- Q&A

    4:30- Singing, Open Prayer Time, Dismissal

    Boxed lunch provided. Options from Panera are:

    1. Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken (Gluten Free)
    2. Half Ham and Swiss Sandwich with a Half Caesar  Salad.