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    March 28, 2013

    Culture is presently reeling over mass killings and what we should do about them. A few days ago, Don Lemon of CNN, tried to come up with an answer. He claimed that the definition of a sociopathic killer is someone who has lost the ability to discern between good and evil. According to him, one in a hundred people today is a sociopath, and that the number is growing problem—especially among the youth culture. A few days ago, two young teenagers in Georgia shot and killed a 13-month-old child in his stroller to try to get money from the child’s mother.

    Many in our culture avoid the terms good and evil, as they adopt spiritual Oneism. Charles Manson, the 60s killer, understood. He said, “If all is one, then nothing is wrong.”

    Lemon’s next segment of the same program was, “Is America going gay?” With moral superiority, Lemon vilified those opposed to same sex marriage as belonging to the last century. His only interview involved the homosexual chairman of Log Cabin Republicans. No place was given for a case to be made for the moral goodness of heterosexual marriage.

    Lemon wants good and evil when it suits him, but he will not apply these categories to the most controversial issue of the day. Before any serious debate, he knows the answer. But what will become of a culture devoid of right and wrong at the level of sexuality? In a Oneist world without distinctions, if there is no male or female, eventually there is no good or evil.