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    January 18, 2013

    Freedom Is Not Free

    By Dr. Peter Jones

    As the Sixties cultural revolution reaches maturity, we need to remember that its fundamental rationale was the rejection of external authority and government control, for “sacred” individual liberty and independence, especially in sexual behavior. To our surprise, the cost of this freedom has fallen on everyone.

    In a recent article posted on The Aquila Report, Dr. Paul Kengor recalled the brilliant career of the recently deceased legal authority, Robert Bork. Bork’s book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline (2003),documented the decline of American culture, liberated from sexual restraints.We remember that Bork was “borked”—refused a place on the Supreme Court by a violent and irresponsible tirade to preserve the gains of the Sixties Revolution. In 1987, Senator Ted Kennedy criticized Bork of wanting “a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, and rogue police could break down citizens’ doors in midnight raids.” This was the same married Ted Kennedy who, on July 18, 1969 (I remember it well), in an attempt to hide his illicit affair, abandoned his youthful secretary, Mary Jo Kopechne, not in a back alley but in the back of his accidentally submerged 1967 Oldsmobile in a canal on Chappaquiddick Island, where, during his failed attempt at a cover-up, she finally drowned! This hypocritical “borking” helped assure the success of the Sixties’ sexual liberation, but at the cost of a brilliant legal mind, barred from exercising wise limits on a culture now in deep water.

    And deep debt. According to Kengor, Bork understood the cost incurred by evangelical and Catholic parents, sending their children to colleges to be taught by liberals, paying untold millions in school fees to undermine the very values they had worked to instill in their children!

    Not just parents are paying. Apparently, the sexual revolution had no intention of paying for itself, as the recent flap in 2012 over Sandra Fluke, clearly shows. This 30-something unmarried law student at Georgetown demanded, with great moral conviction and indignation, that other people underwrite the monthly contraception bill she incurs in her elective sexual activities. Sexual socialism, now a plank of the Democratic Party, was something not even Karl Marx could have imagined!

    “Free sex,” taught in public high schools at government expense, in teen magazines, and modeled by Hollywood celebrities and TV shows, is not free for the tax-payer. The average citizen has to underwrite other people’s fantasies. This liberated life-style, outside the bonds of marriage, practiced by welfare queens and absentee fathers, now costs the tax-payer $330 billion per year in welfare payments. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are at epidemic proportions. Only two of the present 25 STDs were around thirty years ago. Now one fourth of teenage girls has a sexually transmitted disease, whose treatment costs $17 billion per year. STDs cause one fourth of the cases of female infertility, as well as virtually all cervical and anal cancers. We spend $18 billion a year to treat AIDs patients, and every year 47,000 new cases are discovered. 16,000 Americans die of this deadly disease annually.

    Since the Sixties, divorce has liberated many from the “chains” of marriage but has also denied children the blessing of a two-parent home (known to reduce levels of poverty). As free sex and single motherhood have ballooned, so has poverty, producing generations of dependents living on food stamps ($78 billion) and monthly dole payments, costing more than half a trillion dollars since 2007. The program for the resulting impoverished kids, Head Start, which is now recognized as a failure, has cost the tax-payer $180 billion.

    Among the always-clever titles of Family Research Council emails, one really nailed it—“Planned Parenthood: Making a Killing.” In the fiscal year 2011– 2012, Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions, and received $542 million in taxpayer funding. They have “liberated” thousands of women from the consequences of their sexual choices, but doomed fifty million unborn babies to the grave. These little ones will never enjoy the freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom to abort on demand now requires companies to pay for abortion-inducing drugs—at the cost both of their conscience and their bottom line.

    It was the determined few, the freedom-loving “hippies” who wrenched the culture from its Judeo-Christian roots in the Sixties. Will you, youthful Christian Millennials, hold in the highest esteem both sexual purity and the God who created it? Will you dream of and pray for repentance for the nation and a submission to God’s good will for sexuality and marriage, won at great cost? God, instead of judging us for our desire of freedom from Him, paid the incalculable cost of His dear Son’s life. A society under water needs to hear this incredible good news.