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    April 17, 2013

    The curtain is quickly coming down on Western “Christian” civilization. Yesterday New Zealand, founded in large part by Scots Presbyterians, voted to legalize same sex marriage. One has to wonder what the worldwide consequences will be of this new form of “marriage.” The “loving wisdom” of a Republican senator, Mark Kirk, R-IL, opens the floodgates. Capitulating to gay marriage, he recently opined with moving sentimentality: “life comes down to who you love and who loves you.” But if this is true, then all kinds of “legalized” loving relationships will follow. Thus, a husband of three wives, recently said: “I just don’t want anyone telling me who I can or cannot love.”When all relationships are “legalized” legality and morality lose their meaning and we can dispense with them.  You do not have to look far to see this occurring. Yesterday, in an honest public radio interview, a leading lesbian stated that the real intention of creating “gay marriage” is to eliminate marriage entirely. Eliminating marriage entirely eliminates entirely the notion of a universe based on “legal” or “right” created structures, and thus eliminates a loving Creator.

    Heterosexual monogamy, as part of God’s image, is one of God’s ways of affirming and preserving Twoism in the universe. If this is the case, then Oneism must eliminate it! Who would have thought that the global pagan regime—which we can feel coming—would be run by pansexuals, “morally” demanding equality for all, and determined to silence by all means possible those who preach the Gospel of God of Romans 1. It boggles the mind!