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  • Bridging the Gap — Stabilizing and growing the ministry

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    September 10, 2014

    When I think of fundraisers I typically also think that, on my small budget, I can’t really help my favorite ministries and charities in a substantial way.  But what I’ve learned over my years working here at truthXchange is that some of the most useful giving is faithful, incremental and regular income from many individuals rather than just a few.  This has encouraged me to begin to give various places even if I can only do so $10 or $20 at a time.  What I now know is that, if many people are moved to give this way all to the same ministry, that organization will benefit just as much if not more in the long run than if that whole amount raised came from one single or several large donations.  The reason for this is that all of us go through seasons of overabundance and then seasons of budgetary strain — a ministry that is supported by many, many donors, therefore, has lots of help and resources to sustain it when for understandable reasons, some of its friends must reduce or stop their giving for certain periods of time.

    Just as the small, faithful gifts to our ministry add up amazingly, the large costs of our projects break down to small increments — a live event can broken down to the cost of napkins and microphone batteries, notebooks and name tags.  The day to day running of an office can be segmented down to the cost of online content storage services and printing tracts and materials.  No matter how small it might seem to some eyes, for us and those we serve it makes a huge difference. now, through the gift of a generous donor, we have been offered a $30,000 matching grant which we must match by the end of November.  We are so excited by this opportunity that the Lord has provided through the generous gift of these donors!  And because of the equally generous time allotment we have been given, anyone who signs up to give on a regular, monthly basis, has the opportunity for their first three gifts matched through our grant.  This means that $10 per month becomes $20 for the first three months, $50 per month becomes $100 for the first three months and so on.

    Would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter of the work of truthXchange during our matching campaign and having your first gifts doubled?  It really is a great, practical reason to begin your financial support of the ministry today.