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  • 63: They’re Scheming for a Gray Christmas
  • 63: They’re Scheming for a Gray Christmas

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    December 22, 2009

    (to the tune, “I’m dreaming…”)

    Going through the sterile–looking security area at the San Diego Airport last week, I happened to notice a few, almost imperceptible, golden globes the size of golf–balls hanging from the ceiling and a few red and green hints of holly bush on the walls. After my inevitable “male assist” scan (metal knee oblige), I trudged off to get my airport fix—a Starbucks tall Cappuccino (wet, two brown sugars). There, it all became clear, where a sign wished coffee–lovers everywhere: “Joyous Reunions!” Once on the plane, I delved into a USA Today front–page article covering the Copenhagen Climate Change conference. The organizers had banned Christmas trees in the land of Christmas trees, lest the slightest hint of Christianity disturb the “religious neutrality” of the UN’s sterilized halls.

    The true light of Christmas is fading in the West. Santa seems to have absconded with most manger scenes, depositing toys and eggnog as a commercially viable substitute. Carols are excised of content, or twisted into interfaith slogans. One “Christian” feminist declared that the new pagan good news is “joy from the world” not “joy to the world.” This month, parishioners of St. John the Divine Cathedral can choose Handel’s Messiah, Dancing Day, or the 20th annual Winter Solstice Celebration (where worshipers greet the solstice by howling like wolves.)

    Obscuring our view of the clear night sky, in which the glorious angels sing, is a thick, stifling skin of spiritual fog that chokes and imprisons us with protective “sustainable” policies, hatched by globalist bureaucrats. Inspired by an ideology that dismisses interference from a transcendent Creator, it proposes the mind–numbing belief that Man is God, and that all things are one and the same. This is the hideous deception of One–ism on which the Neverland of this–worldly utopia will be built.

    We see the One–ist cloud arriving:

    • in foreign policy—no empire is evil and soothing words will save us;
    • in politics—we want both socialism and free enterprise;
    • in ethics—evil is only sickness;
    • in religious affairs—One–ism rules; “Evangelical” leaders condone “Christian” Buddhists; 70% of Americans believe many religions lead to God;
    • in spirituality—most American adults have adopted elements of Eastern or New Age religion, seek a mystical blend of human and divine, and see Jesus as a fellow spiritual traveler, not the Son of God;
    • in sexuality—the gender blur creates endless combinations, good for all;
    • in ecology—dubious science pushes us into an ice age of spiritual, global totalitarianism as we assume that global warming is man–made and can be solved by a one–world government.

    In C. S. Lewis’ story, The Silver Chair, the Queen of the Underworld tries to convince Jill, Eustace and Puddleglum that the sun does not exist. It is but a figment of their imagination, as they wish for something better than a mere lamp. Monotone One–ism imprisons us in a sort of underworld, telling us that there is no Sun, and no Son. But through the heavy pall, we see disturbing cracks of light. The divine glory of Two–ism that shone so brightly at creation has not been extinguished by the darkness of the Fall (John 1:5), and today’s One–ism cannot keep the crack from opening wider and wider. We all still know that we are wonderfully made (John 1:9). The shining Light of Heaven ignited the burning bush, engulfed Mount Sinai in flames, consumed a waterlogged sacrifice at Carmel as it defeated the evil powers of Baal, and lit up the entire night sky around Bethlehem when the Word became a baby. The cosmic crack widened when an earthquake shook the ground as Jesus struck the deathblow to both death and evil at the cross. The crack became a bright chasm when the great stone was rolled away and the glistening, glorious body of the resurrected Jesus burst out of the grave. That bright victory predicts the glorious extravagance of God’s new heavens and earth, when…

    At last our eyes shall see Him,
    Through His own redeeming love,
    For that child so dear and gentle
    Is our Lord in heaven above;
    And He leads his children on
    To the place where He is gone.
    Not in that poor lowly stable,
    With the oxen standing by,
    We shall see Him, but in heaven,
    Set at God’s right hand on high;
    When, like stars, His children crowned,
    All in white, shall wait around.

    May I wish you a White Christmas, full of the glory of God’s grace, until, one day, we see what White really looks like!