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  • Witchcraft Sparkle for the Liberal Church
  • Witchcraft Sparkle for the Liberal Church

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a conglomeration of Lutheran denominations, had over five million members when it was launched in 1988, joining three independent Lutheran confessions with nearly 10,000 congregations and 65 synods. But now, in spite of the word “Evangelical,” this union is in decline. One of its churches, in Edina, Minnesota, throws a pagan sparkle into the deep meaning of “decline.”[1] This June, Anna Helgen, an LGBT Lutheran “minister,” stood in her Lutheran pulpit, dressed in pastoral robes, and recited what she called a “Sparkle Creed” as part of the church service. This liturgy was riddled with heresy rarely, if ever, so blatantly expressed in a Christian service. 

    The creed began: 

             “I believe in the non-binary God whose pronouns are plural.” 

    This statement not only confesses God to be the merging of male and female, but by doing so also makes God “non-binary” in a deeper way. To assume that God is some kind of amalgam of sexuality taken from creation as we live it is to reduce “god” to a creation of our own minds. The Apostle Paul’s confessional statement in Romans 1:25 is totally reversed. Instead of worshiping the Creator, who is distinct from his creation, this “sparkle” confession merges creation and a non-binary “god,” thus destroying the inherent distinction of existence, namely: God is separate from his creation. Helgen’s statement is a total denial of God as Creator of all that exists apart from him. It was amazing that God did not reach down and knock this heretic from her Christian pulpit. That would have been a worship service with lots of unexpected sparkle. 

    The creed continued:

             I believe in Jesus Christ, their child who wore a fabulous tunic and had two dads and saw everyone as a sibling-child of God.

    Once “God” is defined by our existence, everything devolves. This statement is deliberately confusing. “Their” child; “two dads”; “sibling child”? The majesty of the Son as a distinct member of the divine trinity is trivialized in the mention of a “fabulous tunic,” probably referring to the rainbow flag of present day homosexual pride celebrations. Helgen manages to get SS Marriage (“two dads”) into her confession, though the Spirit is never described as the Father (if those two are meant to be the “dads”). Helgen tries to make all things spiritual, just the way pagans do. She fails to include any mention of the statements of the Apostles’ Creed: Christ’s appearance before Pilate, his atoning death, his glorious resurrection, and his ascension. There is no “forgiveness of sins,” so the Son is not the Savior, just a cool dude.

             I believe in the rainbow spirit who shatters our image of one white light and refracts it into a rainbow of gorgeous diversity. 

    In her false trinitarian creed, she makes the “rainbow spirit” an affirmation of non-binary queer theory where the triune God is blended with everything in “a gorgeous diversity.” On the contrary, to please God who is binary––separate from us––we must bear his binary image in our sexuality in maintaining the male/female distinction.[2]

             I believe in the church of everyday saints as numerous, creative, and resilient as patches on the AIDS quilt. I believe in the calling to each of us that love is love is love is love, so beloved let us love. 

    In this creed, it is not God’s love that inspires this church but human-invented love, which includes all manner of sexual desire. She does not turn to our Lord, the very personification of love, to know what love means, as Scripture tells us: “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8).

    The confession ends:

             I believe, glorious God, help my unbelief.

    The definition of this “glorious god” is provided by the prayer of another “pastor,” Jeff Sartain, who prayed for LGBTQ youth who come to worship, “embodied by Two-Spirit people.”[3] “Two spirit people” is a synonym for the American Indian term “berdache.” These were homosexual or androgynous priests of godless pagan religion intent on wiping out God the Creator. They worship nature and everything nature produces.

    Though journalists classify the beliefs of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as “Christian liberalism,” the creed preached by Anna Helgen is pure satanism or witchcraft. Without mentioning his name, that creed worships the pagan god, Baphomet, an ancient Satanic symbol of the divine, who is a non-binary mix of goat and human. Aleister Crowley, the famous occultist of the last century, popularized witchcraft and believed that Baphomet was an androgyne, with both male and female genitals. 

    Helgen’s Lutheran heresy is catching on. Quinton Caesar, a Lutheran pastor in Germany, at the conclusion of the recent annual gathering of the nation’s Lutheran pastors, announced: “Now is the time to say . . . ‘God is queer.’”  

    The outside world needs to know that this is heretical Christianity, and that since the earliest times, the Church has confessed the Apostles’ Creed as the essence of the Christian faith, based on the eye-witness testimony of the original apostles and the teaching of Jesus. 

    It is no exaggeration to say that this “church” is a form of witchcraft, masquerading as Christian progress. May the true church be warned to maintain Scripture’s revelation of truth in a world seeking to deny that such truth exists. Thus we say with the church throughout the ages:

    I believe in God, the Father almighty,

          creator of heaven and earth.

    I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord,

          who was conceived by the Holy Spirit

          and born of the virgin Mary.

          He suffered under Pontius Pilate,

          was crucified, died, and was buried;

          he descended to hell.

          The third day he rose again from the dead.

          He ascended to heaven

          and is seated at the right hand of God the Father almighty.

          From there he will come to judge the living and the dead.

          I believe in the Holy Spirit,

          the holy catholic church,

          the communion of saints,

          the forgiveness of sins,

          the resurrection of the body,

          and the life everlasting. Amen.

    [1]Matt Lamb, Lutheran female ‘minister’ leads congregation in pro-LGBT ‘Sparkle Creed,’ Life Site News, June 28, 2023 |.

    [2] The puzzling phrase, “One white light,” could be taken as a derogatory mention of racial domination or, perhaps, a shattering of the Christian belief that all good and all power comes from the unique God described in the Scriptures.