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  • 38: General Confusion Meets Political Correctness
  • 38: General Confusion Meets Political Correctness

    Spiritual Confusion Meets Politically Correct Intolerance

    Are clear–thinking and spirituality mutually exclusive? To ascend to the highest levels of insight, must you stop thinking? Today, “black–and–white has been shown the door, along with its cousin, “either/or.” They are too divisive and rude. The honored guest is the inclusive “both/and,” who never causes any conflict.

    The trouble is, “both/and” gets a lot of people befuddled. Moral confusion is everywhere. Who is right? The school bus driver who kicked two girls off his bus for kissing, or the transit agency chief who apologized? How should the people of Cambridge, England relate to the new transgendered “lesbian” mayoral couple? Both Jennifer the mayor and Jennifer the mayoress (her wife) began life as men. Are you confused? Sexuality is not the only realm where confusion reigns. Religious confusion is everywhere. A woman Episcopal priest claims to be both a Christian and a Muslim. On Fridays, she wears a black headscarf and heads to the local mosque. On Sundays, she wears the white collar of a priest and leads the church in Christian worship.

    Even Evangelical Christians are confused. In a training session for middle school Christian student leaders, Chuck Colson discovered to his dismay that all but one of the eight refused the notion that Christianity is uniquely true. They claimed: “We shouldn’t hurt others’ feelings by claiming our way is right.” These young people are not yet off to college!

    Clarity to the Rescue?

    In college the confusion ends; clarity asserts itself by defining opposite opinions as “hate speech.” It works. Remember, you are tolerant and anyone who disagrees with you is intolerant.

    The present confusion arises because two worldviews are clashing: the Christian and the pagan. You cannot live with one foot in each world. One must be eliminated, and right now that worldview is Christianity. David French, a lawyer with the Alliance Defense Fund, states that “on many campuses, if you’re an evangelical Christian, you’re going to have to go through classes in which you’re told that much of what you believe religiously is not just wrong, but worthy of mockery.”

    A past president of the American Psychological Association said about our oh–so–tolerant culture: “I lived though the McCarthy era and the Hollywood witch hunts…but there was not the insidious sense of intellectual intimidation that currently exists under political correctness.”

    A new study of political party affiliations of college professors by the American Enterprise Institute shows that liberal professors often outnumber conservatives by ten to one and sometimes by more than twenty to one. It concludes: “Today’s colleges and universities are not ‘diverse’ places. Quite the opposite: They are virtual…ideological monopolies.”

    Examples of campus intimidation are documented at, where students can express their frustrations:

    • I was too scared to say anything while Professor ……. and the other students offended my convictions and values;
    • If students brought up opposing views, they could be subjected to ridicule, hostility, and/or intimidation;
    • I was verbally beaten up;
    • The professor constantly picked on white students. One student began to feel so poorly that she was hospitalized. Many felt ill, shocked and sick with fear.

    Behind classroom intimidation is institutional intimidation, imposed by Big Brother Administration. Only politically–correct “free–speech,” defined as morally–relative, all–inclusive “oneness” is allowed on campus. Anything that makes moral and theological distinctions (as does Christianity) is “hate–speech.” If the Christian voice is silenced, confusion will indeed end–but so will truth.

    Pray for the rising Christian generation, a majority of whom lose their faith in the first year of college. Pray for the effort we are launching, called Truth Xchange, whose goal is to reach these lambs we have sent into a most vicious culture of “tolerant” wolves. This generation is unprepared for the onslaught of politically–correct totalitarian pagan thinking. Though we may not enable them to save the culture, we pray that they will, by the strength of Christ, save the Church—by fully understanding, embracing and courageously proclaiming the truths of biblical historic orthodoxy as the only answer to the pagan lie.

    Christians throughout history and across the globe have paid and are paying for the gospel with their lives. Should it come to that, are we ready? Are our children ready? In the US, the stakes have never been higher. I sense a strong and urgent call to help our young people see their way clearly through the cloud of confusion. Please pray with me that we will have the resources, the courage and the wisdom to enable our college students to hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ.