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  • 29: The True American Revolution
  • 29: The True American Revolution

    When I get older losing my hair,
    Many years from now…
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
    When I’m sixty–four?

    Paul McCartney wrote that song in the late 1950s, a couple of years after my high–school chum, John Lennon left Quarry Bank to attend the Liverpool College of Art. Age sixty–four seemed a millennium away. In 1964, the Beatles and I came to the States–on different planes (in both senses of that term). A few weeks ago, McCartney turned sixty–four and kissed Yoko; Yoko Ono made up with Cynthia, Lennon’s first wife; and the guy who turned John and me on to Rock and Roll (Bill Haley of the Comets) went to meet his Maker.

    Since those early Liverpool events, the world has witnessed incredible changes, evidenced especially in the moral decline of Western, once Christian, society. The Christianity that so impressed me when I arrived in Boston in ’64 has been banished to the margins as a suspect ideology, noxious to the survival of our democratic freedoms.

    Dylan caught the revolutionary character of the times in his 1963 song, The Times, They Are A’Changin:

    Come mothers and fathers
    Throughout the land;
    Your sons and your daughters
    Are beyond your command.
    Your old road is
    Rapidly agin’.

    The times, they are a ‘changin!

    Today, July 4th, America celebrates its 1776 Revolution. However, Dillon was the bard of the true American Revolution, – the Sixties “Cultural” or “Sexual Revolution.” Another hit song described the changin’ times as “The Eve of Destruction,” (out with the old) while the musical HAIR announced “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” (in with the new). Jungian psychologist June Singer, in her book, Androgyny: Towards a New Theory of Sexuality, made it clearer: the “Age of Aquarius would be the Age of Androgyny.” Could the revolution go that far!?

    Even farther. Consider the following cultural and “moral” victories and ask yourself–is this not a genuine revolution?

    The victory of …

    • the “Me–” over the “We–” generation
    • relative over absolute truth
    • self–interested lying over spontaneous truth–telling
    • lust over modesty
    • recreational over procreational sex
    • condoms over abstinence
    • cohabitation over marriage
    • divorce over life–long monogamy
    • a woman’s right to abort her child over the unborn child’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
    • women as bread winners over women as mothers, home–makers and bread–makers
    • the feminists over the patriarchs
    • earthkind over humankind over mankind
    • children’s rights over parents
    • gay marriage as a moral value over sodomy a moral outrage
    • an “omni–gendered society” over the normality of male and female
    • moral chaos over moral consensus
    • freedom over commitment
    • rights and entitlements over responsibilities and service
    • guilt–free, shameless self–consciousness over a sensitive conscience
    • the “New History” over Patriotic History
    • the multi–culturalists over the American melting pot, or the pluribus over the unum
    • government by the courts over government by the consent of the people
    • the “living Constitution” over the written Constitution
    • the UN’s Earth Charter over the American Constitution
    • the global over the national
    • world Governance over the Nation–state
    • the image over the book
    • the postmodern over modernity
    • personal agendas in the Academy over the academic pursuit of truth
    • education for ideological engineering over education for academic excellence
    • politically–correct speech over free speech
    • partisan commentary over dispassionate news reporting
    • the irrational over the rational
    • the earth–based spiritualists over the materialists
    • the rest of creation over human beings
    • “pet carers” over pet owners
    • eastern over western medicine and spirituality
    • meditation over prayer
    • the goddess over God
    • “the Force” over the personal God of the Bible
    • post–Christian culture over Christendom
    • spirituality over doctrine
    • the many ways over the One Way
    • the world’s “holy books” over the Bible
    • the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas over Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
    • BCE/CE over BC/AD
    • Winter Break over Christmas
    • Earth Day and Spring Break over Easter
    • the “Age of Aquarius” [pagan spirituality] over the “Age of Pisces” [the Fish of Christianity]
    • multi–faith pagan America over “Christian” America.

    In one generation, America has helped lead western culture to abandon two millennia of Christian civilization, returning to the paganism of the Greco–Roman world. Lennon’s “Imagine” said it all. At the dawn of the Third Millennium, Christians need to rediscover their voices! If the original, truly revolutionary Gospel was powerful enough to turn the ancient pagan Empire upside down, it can do the same today. Like our Christian forerunners, we must declare with fearless courage, even if costs us our lives: CHRISTOS KURIOS: CHRIST IS LORD.