Stolen Identity: The Conspiracy to Re-invent Jesus


Which Jesus do you believe in? A point by point study of the Gnostic (and “Dan Brown”) Jesus and the biblical Jesus. Topics include the God of Jesus, the Message of Jesus, the Death of Jesus, Jesus and Sexuality, and the Resurrection of Jesus. This is an excellent book to give a thinking unbeliever who is considering the Christian faith.

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Written by one of the co-authors of Cracking Da Vinci’s Code, this approachable book compares the ideas of the Gnostic Jesus and the biblical Jesus. In Gnosticism, Jesus is not really human or divine. Rather he is spiritual, like all true Gnostic believers. But in the Gospels, Jesus Christ shows characteristics of humanity, including tiredness, anger, and suffering. He knows human weakness firsthand. Through this treatise, Jones shows us that our Savior can be personally known. He is not a cold and distant icon of religion, rather, he is a very real advocate and friend who is touched with the feeling of our infirmities.  240 pages (Cook, 2006)

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