By Dr. Peter Jones

“Democrat Staffer Who Filmed Himself Having Sex in the Capitol Won’t Be Charged.”

So reads the headline reporting a video posted by the above-mentioned staffer which showed for the first time ever a nearly naked man on all fours inside the Capitol office building. The video wasn’t just nude posing either. The male staffer and his boyfriend filmed themselves engaging in homosexual sexinside a meeting room of the Capitol Building. Sen. Ben Cardin, who employed the staffer, simply dropped the issue. Aidan Maese-Czeropski, the staffer in question, was defiant in the aftermath, claiming he was “being attacked for who I love to pursue a political agenda.”[1] He did not mention who was attacking him. In fact, he got off scot-free, and was able to make this stark statement of the normality of his sexual non-binary actions.

Those attacking him were certainly not the United States Capitol Police who decided not to charge him. There was no denunciation from the “wise” politicians in the House and the Senate. This is good news for anyone who is thinking about sneaking into a Capitol hearing room to film lewd acts: The capitol Police, fearing the Gay community, will not bother you. Degrading the Capitol Building where solemn oaths are taken and vital laws are passed that affect every citizen is not a problem. The Capitol Building is copying the White House. Sam Brinton, a federal employee to the Department of Energy, responsible for nuclear waste, appears at the White House in women’s dresses, high-heeled shoes and lipstick on his mouth, while sporting a moustache. The Biden Administration also elevates Rachel (née Richard) Levine, an overweight fifty-ish year old lad/lass with flowing golden tresses, father of three, to be the first female four-star admiral in the Public Health Service and assistant secretary of Health and Human Services. This is the new norm. Why not film yourself having sex in the Capitol Building and publishing it on the Internet? It could be culturally liberating.

And yet, when political power is involved the Capitol Building becomes sacred territory that must be defended. Those who entered the “people’s house” on January 6 are exposed to laws and sentences beyond imagination. President Biden claimed we “nearly lost America on Jan. 6, nearly lost it all.” He claimed the election was about the “sacred cause” of democracy and that the Capitol had been desecrated.

A journalist states: “The heavily armed, Trump-incited mob attack of Jan. 6, 2021, was an attack not just on the U.S. Capitol building, but also on democracy and the rule of law.”[2] Those rioters on January 6 were guilty of degrading what the nation holds dear. “Heavily armed ”was little extreme since that would include Paul Hodgkins, who breached the U.S. Senate chamber carrying a Trump campaign flag, and for this unforgivable show of political violence was ordered to serve eight months behind bars. So important was the sacredness of the Capitol that the federal judge, Tanya Chutkan, stood out as one of the toughest punishers of rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol. She has handed down prison sentences that are harsher than those proposed by the Justice Department. Employing great moral authority, she has sentenced at least 38 people convicted of Capitol riot-related crimes to prison terms, some to over five years. In the name of moral authority, the Capitol Building which must be protected from political dissent at all costs, including significant prison terms, though, at the same time, it is not worth being protected from sexual perversion.

The formal refusal to discipline public androgynous sexual excess at the highest levels of government power must be recognized as a significant undermining of cultural health and unrecognized hypocrisy. In our laws, acts of public indecency, are legally defined and punishable: up till now, acts such as “lewdness, exhibiting obscene pictures, being naked in a public place, prostitution, publication of an indecent book, all are indictable and punishable at common law because they outrage public decency and are injurious.”[3] But the effect on our culture is of major significance. Androgynous sex, that is, the denial of male and female distinctions, destroys the image of God in individuals and we lose the general sense of the blessedness of human dignity, tied to the being of the divine Creator. This is one of the major issues that TruthXchange has sought to defend for many years. At the very beginning of the Bible, in the account of creation, we read:

 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” 
Genesis 1:26-7

The male-female distinction reflects the image, that is, the being of God who in his essence constitutes the great distinction between the Creator and the creation, and is the source of human dignity. This noble distinction, from which derives all binary truth, grants value to all the distinctions God creates in what he makes. Our culture that more and more rejects the distinctions between true and false, right and wrong, male and female, will ultimately destroy itself. 

On the official gold nuggets is inscribed “In God we trust.” In the Declaration of Independence there is an attempt to maintain that nobility in making three references to God—they are “Nature’s God,” “Creator” and “Divine Providence.” At the very beginning of American life, in declaring independence from Britain, it was believed God was in favor of this founding act. Now, in allowing sexual degradation in the same halls of government we definitively reject God from our official cultural life.

 In Genesis chapter 1, God makes a distinction between land and sea, day and night and different animals “according to their kind.” These binary distinctions are good. That is why Paul describes homosexuality as a Oneist or non-binary action “against nature” (Romans 1:26), rejecting the distinction of male and female. The image of human heterosexuality, which joins human beings together in an expression of God the Creator, preserves our human dignity. If we do not defend our divinely-granted humanity, our culture which rejects the very essence of humanity will not survive very long, both practically and ultimately. Practically it is a culture that cannot reproduce. “Pregnant men” will not do it. Ultimately culture cannot survive what God, the moral Judge, will eventually act in final judgment. At the end death and Hades and unbelievers will be severely judged. Only Jesus, the uniquely perfectly moral human being, can save us, paying for our unjust rejection of God the Creator, by his death on the cross. He will establish a new heaven and a new earth.

[1] Bonchie, “Senate Staffer Caught Making Hardcore Porn in Capitol Office Building, Democrat Senator Identified,” | Red State(December 15, 2023)

[2] “The January 6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol,” American Oversight, September 26, 202.

[3] nuisances.usalegal.gov—this reference no longer is in service, but it was a site maintained by serious lawyers. We can assume their sources were well-documented.

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