Mary Eady

Gender Books

By Joshua Gielow / October 27, 2021 / Comments Off on Gender Books

Thousands of our nation’s students now have access to books that use the power of beautiful art and imaginative stories to re-educate kids against creational norms, Biblical Twoism, and truths about sex and gender. This time on the truthXchange podcast, Mary Weller and Joshua Gielow read several books being distributed for free in schools across the country for…

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Who Does Kim Davis Think She Is?

By mereagency / September 14, 2015 /

Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who has refused to issue marriage licenses since the Supreme Court decision in favor of same sex marriage, has been sent to and released from jail. I watched as the video of her latest interaction with a same sex couple requesting a marriage license went viral and all sorts…

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Conversations with Small Creatures

By mereagency / October 14, 2014 /

One day on the walk home from school my son’s 7-year-old buddy said, “Miss Mary — WHY do people call animals ‘creatures’? I just think that’s so rude. I think it’s mean to animals to call them creatures.” I wasn’t quite sure where this thought had come from. Up until that point the boys had been chatting about antics on the playground and a fort they were building in the bushes behind our condo. But he was intense with his delivery and I had a sense that somehow this topic mattered.

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Bridging the Gap — Stabilizing and growing the ministry

By mereagency / September 10, 2014 /

When I think of fundraisers I typically also think that, on my small budget, I can’t really help my favorite ministries and charities in a substantial way.  But what I’ve learned over my years working here at truthXchange is that some of the most useful giving is faithful, incremental and regular income from many individuals…

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Just Believe

By mereagency / September 9, 2014 /

Last week I stood in line at a local sandwich shop waiting to pay for my order. In front of me was a young couple in their 20s and the woman of the pair was wearing a tank top. I could see four words tattooed on her left shoulder, each on its own line: Hope Believe…

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Reincarnated or R.I.P.?

By mereagency / August 1, 2014 /

In an article by the Pew Research Center I read a statistic that popped right off the screen at me: 22% of Christians believe in Reincarnation. What?  Christians??  It’s a little hard to believe at first, but it’s true. Think about that for a minute.  Say you’re sitting in a mainline church of 500 people. …

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The Emperor’s New Yoga Pants

By mereagency / December 2, 2011 /

In schools on the West and East coasts of the United States, little children are bowing and worshiping, though their training is being called exercise. All Christians must understand the spiritual foundations of One-ism and Two-ism and recognize the implications of each worldview in everyday life. Here is one very real example from a truthXchange staff member in Southern California.

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Christian Youth WANT Apologetics Training!

By mereagency / September 1, 2011 /

On Christianity Today’s website this morning, Christ Norton wrote about the newly rekindled passion for apologetics among Christian teens. Norton quotes Sean McDowell, head of Worldview Ministries, “Challenging the cultural climate is a major component of the new apologetics. The apologetics resurgence has been sparked ultimately by teens who are asking more questions about why…

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A Review of One or Two from The Gospel for OC

By mereagency / July 19, 2011 /

Recently, Aaron Sellers, a writer at Gospel for OC (which was co-founded by our friend and former Think Tank attendee Chris Poblete), wrote a wonderful review of One or Two: Seeing a World of Difference. We wanted to share his thoughts with you. “This book is of utmost importance for people to read within the…

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A Catechism Recap

By mereagency / November 6, 2009 /

As any of you who check in on our site regularly may have noticed, we’ve gotten behind in posting our regular increments of the Catechism. For the very best of reasons, as any of you who received our most recent ministry update know, we have found ourselves swamped at truthXchange as amazing opportunity after amazing…

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The Relevance of a Command About Idolotry

By mereagency / October 6, 2009 /

Recently, Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA was interviewed on Nightline about the relevance of the second commandment.  You can view the segment, which aired on ABC this week, by clicking here.

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From the Lie to the Truth

By mereagency / March 5, 2009 /

truthXchange is announcing a new conference series beginning in 2010 and, unless you attended CT’09 where we did a preview, those of you who read the blog are hearing about it first. You may have seen some reference to this on our site now that it’s been added to our Events Calendar, but now I…

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Ten Questions to Ask After a Conference

By mereagency / March 3, 2009 /

I stumbled upon a post by Don Whitney via Tim Challies’ site tonight and it immediately made me think of those of you who have attending CWiPPTHINK in the past.  His post is about the ten things he asks himself after attending a conference. This also makes me think of those who will attend our…

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Merry Christmas from truthXchange

By mereagency / December 23, 2008 /

(The following is sent from Dr. and Mrs. Jones who are with family for Christmas) To all our friends, encouragers and supporters who have stood with us during this past year, we send you our heartfelt Christmas greetings. We trust your faith will be encouraged as you reflect upon the enormity of this celebration: God…

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Some Exciting News from the tXc Board Meeting

By mereagency / December 13, 2008 /

It was great to see Dr. Jones come through the door followed closely by Rebecca on their return from the truthXchange board meeting earlier this week.  They were excited, inspired and ready to work.  Much was accomplished at this meeting and we certainly have our work cut out for us! I’ve been given the pleasure…

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truthXchange’s Board Meets This Week

By mereagency / December 9, 2008 /

This week Dr. and Mrs. Jones, Jay Wegeter (uTx), Matthew Bohling (President of tXc) and many other members of the truthXchange board are having their annual organization meeting.  They’ve flown in from all across the country to meet together in Birmingham. At this meeting they will share what we have accomplished, discuss day-to-day and directional…

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Pagans: Coming Soon to a Heath Near You (or, Are They Relevant?)

By mereagency / October 14, 2008 /

I think Dr. Jones will forgive me for saying this, since he knows I’m being honest:  It can be very hard, at first, to see the relevance of Paganism to me, a Christian in modern-day Southern California. When I think of Pagans I don’t tend to think of the lady standing in line in front…

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Welcome to the truthXchange blog!

By mereagency / September 9, 2008 /

Greetings from the Idiot Saint and welcome to the new truthXchange blog.  I am one of a few regular writers who will be posting to this site. Before I go any further under this name, please let me explain:  Taking verbal abuse from Dr. Jones is not part of my job description.  When truthXchange first…

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