The Writing on the Bathroom Wall — What does it mean?

by Dr. Peter Jones on July 31, 2014

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Today I read an article with the provocative title: “University To Offer ‘Gender-Open’ Restrooms.” It noted that non-specific gender bathrooms are now common-place on some 150 college campuses. It is easy to qualify this fact as a further desirable expression of civil rights, tolerance and freedom, but it is much more a striking piece of evidence of a powerful spiritual  ideology.  This “binary busting,” is based on a worldview that is forcing its way into everyday culture, even to the way we use the bathroom, and seeks the elimination of all God-created distinctions according to a pagan Oneist view of reality.

One day soon the reassuring images of pudgy men and women on separate  bathroom doors in public places like airports will have all been taken down. In their place will be the sign “gender open.” Then you will know that the brave new world of the genderless/androgynous new humanity is at the door!

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