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Mary Weller, Project Manager

Mary has been with truthXchange for 8 years as a part time project and event manager, occasional contributor to the blog, and now as an excited co-host for the truthXchange podcast.  As a mom of elementary and middle schoolers, and as one who has been blessed with many relationships with people outside of the church, the work of truthXchange is especially important to her.   Mary and her family are happy to be members of New Life Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA.

Pamela Frost, Researcher, Volunteer

Pam holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and is currently researching and writing on the influence of postmodern culture and the rise of neopagan spirituality on the Evangelical church. She has contributed a chapter to The Coming Pagan Utopia. She focuses particularly on Alternative Worship and Emerging Church Movements as well as on Contemplative Prayer and the rising New Spirituality. Reading Peter Jones’s book Spirit Wars clarified the invasion of Gnostic spirituality in both the culture and the church and encouraged Pam to expand her research. Dr. Jones also encouraged Pam to begin speaking on these topics at truthXchange conferences. Pam’s passion and wisdom are a precious gift to the ministry, as are the prayer days and prayer teams she organizes to uphold the ministry before the Lord.

Joshua Gielow, Executive Assistant

Joshua has served several local churches as youth pastor or in outreach ministries. He has experience as a street preacher as well. He has worked full-time for truthXchange since 2011 as Executive Assistant to Dr. Jones. His duties are many and varied — podcasts, finances, phone calls, travel, and a host of other duties. His love for Christ, his family and the ministry is profound. A dedicated church member, he serves on the worship team, reads voraciously and is a patient helper to anyone in need. He and his wife Lael have three boys, Isaac, Moses and Abraham.

Rebecca Jones, Volunteer

Rebecca graduated from Wellesley College and married Peter Jones in 1971. She and Peter have seven children and fourteen grandchildren. She has served on the board of the San Diego Christian Writers Guild and the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. She teaches Bible studies in her home church and speaks occasionally for women’s retreats and conferences. She has published two books: A Dark Ride and Does Christianity Squash Women?. She is in the office most days, writing, editing and doing administrative work for truthXchange on a volunteer basis.